Toyota’s recent launch of its new 2020 Supra has been nothing short of controversial to date. While its performance numbers and handling receive praise, the styling is a polarizing love-it-or-hate-it affair and the Toyota Supra faithful aren’t keen on the BMW inline six powering it. The lack of a manual transmission also has some criticizing the car even though that’s a disappointing trend we’re seeing across nearly all makes and models these days.

Adding to the Supra controversy is online collector car auction site (“BaT”), who earlier this week elected to start the bidding on a brand new, 23-mile, 2020 GR Launch Edition model being offered by an auto broker apparently trying to flip what may have been an allotment car for them. For a very successful online auction website still using the tag line “The Best Vintage and Classic Cars For Sale Online”, this seems like a very strange move away from their core business. The BaT faithful seem to think so too, as 229 comments (as of this writing) have been posted on this particular auction and many have not been positive.

While its true the overwhelming majority of vehicles offered on Bring A Trailer continue to fit within their mantra, it makes us here at Guys With Rides wonder whether this is a sign of things to come for BaT.


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