Posted earlier this week is this pretty cherry red over white 1953 Fiat 500C Topolino convertible posted here on Craigslist in Greenwich, Connecticut by the caretaker for the past 22 years for the best offer over $36,000.  The private seller points out that he currently insures his Fiat through Hagerty and the company values his car between $36,000 and $54,000 and he even includes a screen shot of Hagerty’s valuation in his post.  However, his screenshot appears to be dated as the current Haggerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool clearly shows that values for these cars have declined slightly since January.  If you are serious about this car, you can point that out to him.

Fiat produced its 500, more commonly known as the “Topolino” in various forms from 1936 through 1955 with only minor mechanical and styling changes during that time. With its water cooled engine mounted forward of the front axle and ahead of its radiator, the 500 had a much more aerodynamic hood and nose. Fiat introduced the Model C version featured here in 1949 with a restyled body and the same 569 cubic inch, 16 horsepower inline four cylinder engine as Model B.

The caretaker rates his Topolino in “Excellent Condition.”  He reports, “you could drive it every day. I drive it once per week around town for about 10 minutes.”  He also states that last year he “invested” $15,000 dollars for refurbishments and maintenance, including new brake and exhaust systems,  a new canvas top, electrical wiring, and a new battery.

We can personally attest these tiny Topolinos garner a lot of attention at the car shows they attend, although with a top speed of only 53 miles per hour you’ll probably prefer trailering your 500C to the show rather than drive it there.  If you’re looking for a neat city car that dares to be different in the summer months, this can be a lot of fun that will get you noticed.  Good luck with the purchase!