Posted over the weekend is this 1978 Lincoln Mark V you can find here on Craigslist in Poughkepsie, New York where the private seller has his car listed for $7,500.  Using the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool as a Guide, the private seller currently has his Mark V priced $1,200 below the #3 “Good level of $8,700.

The last of the classic Lincoln land yachts, the Mark V was the fourth generation of full size personal luxury coupes produced by Ford’s luxury division. Produced for only three model years from 1977-1979, the Mark V was the best-selling generation of the Mark series with 228,262 examples produced.  At 230 inches long, the Mark V was the largest two-door coupe ever sold by Ford Motor Company and was six inches longer than the Cadillac Eldorado of the same period.

The private seller of this Lincoln Mark V notes that his car came equipped with the pretty Jade Luxury Group featuring a two-tone green leather and vinyl interior with twin comfort lounge seats as well as the optional 460 cubic inch V8 equipped with dual exhaust.  He proudly reports that his Mark V “rides and drives beautifully, he drives it nearly daily, and wouldn’t hesitate to take her anywhere.”  The seller honestly reports that while the vacuum actuated headlight doors work properly, the Air Conditioning system has a leak requiring attention.  Also included in the sale are a number of original documents including the protect-o-plate, sales agreement, and a Marti Report.

We simply love these land yachts, especially the late seventies pre-downsized editions which were the longest two door cars Detroit produced combined with the biggest V8 engines they had to offer.  While not as powerful as earlier editions, speed wasn’t the point about these cars.  If you can actually fit this Lincoln in your garage, you’ll be treated to a luxuriously comfortable and quiet driving experience we will likely never see again.  Good luck with the purchase!