October 1st, 2019 Update – we confirmed this car has sold, so please use the search bar to find a similar classic that may be currently available. Thanks for looking!

The Malaise Era had its bright spots, and one of them was Mazda’s launch of the Rx-7 sports car.  Posted on Craigslist in Johnstown, New York is a 67K mile, Spark Yellow over black, 1979 Mazda RX-7 the private seller is currently asking $15,000 for.  Using the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool as a guide, the current caretaker has their “Rex” priced right at the #2 “Excellent” level.

Mazda launched its stylish rotary powered RX-7 sports car in 1978 as the affordable alternative to Datsun’s 280ZX, which by that point became more of a luxury grand tourer.  The RX-7 was a hugely popular hit both in its homeland and here in the U.S.  Heavily investing in Wankel Engine technology at the time, Mazda featured a two rotor 1.2 liter 12A Rotary power plant offering very smooth 100 horsepower, albeit with a tendency to gulp, rather than sip, gasoline.

The private seller reports their RX 7 is “really fun to drive, never used in winter, and is lovingly kept in a garage under a blankie!”  We’d love to hear the details of whether they are the original owner and if not, how did this example escape the wrath of tuners which so many RX-7s fell victim to over the years.  If the in-person inspection confirms the unmolested, solid condition of this RX-7 and the seller can provide a documented service history, buy this RX-7 and enjoy the wonderful simplicity, great handling, and smooth power delivery these first generation cars provide.  Good luck with the purchase!