October 23rd, 2019 Update:  When we originally featured this ’64 Buick Skylark Wagon on 9/11, the brother of the deceased caretaker of this car was asking $5,555.  It’s now down to $4,000 and we’ve updated the Craigslist link below. With a recent paint job on West Coast car and what appears to be all of the trim included, there is A LOT of potential upside with this Skylark.  If you are serious about purchasing this wagon, you can contact the seller via e-mail here.  Good luck with the purchase!

Posted this past weekend is a 1964 Buick Skylark Custom Sport Wagon you can find here on Craigslist in Monessen, Pennsylvania where the private seller lowered his price from $5,555 to $4,000.  Using the Haggerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool value for Buick Special Wagon as a proxy, the current caretaker now has his wagon priced $100 under #4 “Fair (Daily Driver) of $4,100. The caretaker in the process of restoring this car recently passed away and his brother is now trying to sell it on his behalf. 

In February 1964 Buick added the Sport Wagon to its new A-body platform lineup.  The Sport Wagon was Buick’s version of the widely known Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser, which both models featured four tinted glass panels surrounding the elevated section of the roof.  The wheelbase, at 120 inches, was five inches longer than all other Skylark sedans and wagons.  The added length and ceiling height provided Buick with the ability to offer an option front-facing third row seat, which the example featured here is not equipped with.

The seller does not provide much information other than his deceased brother painted the car, sourced from the dry west, at some point prior to his death.  The post shows pictures of all of the interior parts.  With the exterior paint already completed, this is a great winter project to finish the interior and attend to the mechanicals.  Buick Sport Wagons are rarer than their sister Vista Cruiser models, so once completed this wagon will get you noticed at any show you drive it to.  Good luck with the purchase!