Just listed earlier this week here on Craigslist in Northwood, New Hampshire is this 1965 Plymouth Valiant V200 Convertible for $5,995.  Using the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool as a guide, the private seller has his Valiant priced $2,405 below the #4 “Fair” (Daily Driver) valuation.

Plymouth launched its Valiant line for the 1960 model year to compete with Ford’s new Falcon and Chevrolet’s new Corvair.  While it used a conventional drivetrain, the first generation Valiant continued Virgil Exner’s “Forward Look” styling of the late 1950s that, while award winning, consumers found very polarizing.  Consequently, for 1963, Plymouth redesigned the Valiant with toned downed styling on a slightly shorter wheelbase.  In mid-1964, Chrysler released an all-new 273 cubic inch V8 engine as optional equipment in all Valiants. Chrysler specifically engineering this new engine to fit into the Valiant’s compact A-body engine compartment.  With this new 180 horsepower engine, the Valiant became the lowest-priced V-8 powered automobile in the world just as Ford launched its new Mustang.

The private seller only provides a brief description stating his Valiant is “mostly original”; the two-tone blue interior appears complete.  The light blue vinyl bordering the seat could use a re-dye otherwise its very presentable.  While he only provides one exterior picture, the private seller provides a number of pictures of the trunk that illustrate how solid his Valiant is.  An in-person inspection and/or more pictures the seller is willing to provide when you call or text him will help confirm whether the balance of this Valiant is just as solid as the trunk.

At just under $6K, this Valiant appears to be a solid example that is a great way to enter the collector car hobby with a two door convertible.  The extra power the 273 cubic inch V8 provides will sound great on top down drives.  Good luck with the purchase!