Updated just yesterday here on Craigslist in West Babylon, New York is this driver quality 1971 Chevrolet C3 Corvette Convertible the private seller is currently asking $24,500 for.  Using the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool as a guide, the private seller currently has his C3 priced $1,000 less than the #3 “Good” level.

1971 marked the fourth year of production for the C3 Corvette first launched for 1968.  While virtually identical styling-wise to the 1970 cars, 1971 saw a marked reduction in horsepower as GM reduced engine compression ratios across the company in order to facilitate running on lower octane gasoline.  For example, the base 350 cubic inch four barrel dropped 30 horsepower to 270 for ’71.  1971 also marked the final year for the fiber optics light monitoring system, the headlight washer system, and the M22 “Rock Crusher” heavy duty 4-speed manual gearbox.

The private seller nicely presents his Corvette as a very clean driver with 70K original miles that happens to be only the 278th ’71 C3.  Using an online Corvette birthday calculator, this ’71 C3 was likely built on or around August 1970.  The private seller provides pictures confirming the engine is the original 350 his car was built with. Since the seller does not mention it, we’re assuming this car carries the base 350 cubic inch and not the solid lifter LT1.  The extensive undercarriage pictures confirm this car’s birdcage is solid.  The only non-original item the seller notes is his car is now painted the period correct 973 Mille Miglia Red and not the car’s original Brands Hatch Green.  If your in-person inspection confirms the seller’s report that everything works on his Corvette, you’ll be purchasing a great example you don’t have to be afraid to drive with plenty of great top down wether left before winter.  Good luck with the purchase!

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