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Sometimes you can find an old sports car just by driving around. That’s exactly what happened when we came across this Barn Find 1973 Triumph Spitfire on the north side of Flemington, New Jersey.  You’ll quickly see from the pictures the seller apparently needed more room in their barn, got sick of this Triumph Spitfire taking up badly needed space, and pulled this car out to their front yard to see if they can get anyone to buy it before calling the junk man to pick it up.  While the passenger floor and battery tray are completely rotted away, the rocker arms, frame rails, and trunk areas are solid enough to allow the doors open without sagging. 

With an abundance of Spitfires readily available for sale at any time for a few thousand dollars, there is no compelling argument to restore this example.  However, if you have a newer rubber bumper Spitfire, this parts heap would be a perfect source to “back date” your car with Chrome bumpers.

Good luck with the purchase!

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