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Listed here on Craigslist in Manchester, New Hampshire is this elegant and stately 1947 Lincoln Continental V12 Cabriolet the private seller is currently asking $44,500 for.  Using the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool as a guide, the private seller currently has their rare Lincoln priced between the #2 “Excellent” estimate of $57,600 and the #3 “Good” value of $29,500.  We note that prices for these rare Lincolns continue to decline as the owners once interested in them age out of the collector car hobby.

The first generation Lincoln Continental is such a timeless classic.  Recognized by the Museum of Modern Art as a “timeless-design”, it’s just amazing to see the value of these exquisite automobiles on the decline. The design actually began as a one-off design personal car for then Ford Motor Company President Edsel Ford he commissioned Chief Stylist Bob Gregorie to have ready for his March 1939 Florida vacation.

The custom channeled and sectioned version derived from a Lincoln Zephyr design would introduce two long-running features used in many American automobile designs. The longer modified body gave the design new proportions over its Zephyr counterpart; with the hood line sitting lower over the V12 engine and the passenger compartment moved rearward, the prototype had more in common with classic era “long-hood, short deck” body configurations versus being a strict adherent of contemporary streamline moderne design trends. As a consequence of the smaller trunk space, the spare tire was mounted behind the trunk; while disappearing on American cars, the externally mounted, covered spare tire remained a feature on European-produced cars.  When Edsel’s custom car arrived in Florida, interest from his well-off friends was so high that he sent a telegram back to Michigan that he could sell one thousand of the car.  Hand-built production of the aptly named Continental in 1940 and though suspended during World War II, reappeared in 1946 shortly after the war ended.  This 1947 example is one of only 738 produced and features the flat head V12 in addition to a hydraulically actuated convertible top and windows.

The private seller states their Continental was properly stored from 1954 until the late-1990s at which time it received a sympathetic restoration.  The seller reports it has been well cared for and it shows in the impressively straight, solid body and well-preserved interior. The hydraulic windows and top work fine, and this magnificent motor car runs and drives very well.

With a 125 inch wheelbase and an overall length of nearly 18 feet, you need to have adequate room combined with above-average mechanical ability to keep this V12 powered classic in running condition.  However, given the beauty and the declining prices, we think it will be worth the effort you’ll be rewarded with every time you take this beautiful automobile for a drive.  Good luck with the purchase!

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