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Posted in September 2019 in Rahway, New Jersey is this very rare 2002 GMC Safari All Wheel Drive with only 56K original miles the private seller is currently hoping to get $8,000 for. The NADA Classic, Collectible, Exotic, and Muscle Car Appraisal Guide’s “Low”, “Average”, and “High” value range for these vans $1,825, $2,900, and $4,150, respectively while the Kelly Blue Book Online Private Party currently shows a range of $3,905 to $5,756.  Consequently, you’ll need to confirm the seller’s justification for the high asking price.  While these vans, especially the all-wheel-drive versions, continue to get rarer by the year, we struggle with a $3K-$4k premium for them in the absence of data, especially when he makes a bold statement, “This one is a steal and you will never find another one in this condition for this price.”

GM introduced their first minivan offerings, the Chevrolet’s Astro and GMC’s Safari twins, for the 1985 model year as a competitive response to Chrysler’s market segment innovators.  Rather than follow Chrysler’s front-drive design, GM adapted its proven S10/S15 light truck components and rear-drive layout.  This allowed for a towing capacity of up to 5,500 pounds and once All Wheel Drive became an option in 1990, made this pair a popular and capable alternative to Chrysler’s underpowered first-generation minivans while still being able to fit in a standard garage.  Despite GM’s plans to cancel them around 2000, strong sales, particularly in Japan of all places, forced them to continue production through 2005.  In yet another marketing blunder by GM, despite the continued popularity of these “right-sized” vans, the corporation never followed up with a suitable third generation successor.

Donut Media recently posted a great synopsis of these vans on their YouTube Channel you can watch by clicking here.

The private seller describes his 2002 GMC Safari AWD (All Wheel Drive) as “Mint” with only 56K original miles and is equipped with dual-zone heat and air conditioning, cruise control, and a tilt steering wheel.  The seller reports that in addition to everything working as expected and no rust anywhere, his Safari is now equipped with a Journey Off-Road Lift kit and 29.5″ tires.  This Safari is now a go-anywhere, do anything, not-so-mini-van that will likely still fit in your garage (the lift kit likely pushes the envelope) that is also RADWood eligible.  Good luck with the purchase!

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