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October 12, 2019 Update:  The seller removed their post for this car and we can’t find a new post so it’s safe to assume this Targa IS SOLD!

Updated earlier this week in Brighton, New York is this Guards Red over Black leather 1987 Porsche Carrera Targa listed on Craigslist the caretaker for the past sixteen years is currently asking $41,000 for.  Using the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool as a guide, the private seller currently has his Carrera priced $2,000 above the #3 “Good” estimate of $39,000.  Knowing he likely paid mid-teens for his car nearly twenty years ago combined with the stabilization of the air cooled Porsche market in recent months, there’s a good chance you can get this example at or below Hagerty’s “Good” estimate.

Porsche marked the 21st anniversary of its venerable 911 in 1984 with the launch of 3.2 Carrera designed to replace the SC.  Save for a new dashboard design with larger air conditioning vents in 1986, The 3.2 Carrera is almost indistinguishable from the SC with the biggest clue being the fog lights were now integrated into the valance panel underneath the front bumper. The big news for the “new” Carrera was its heavily revised 3.2 liter flat-six air-cooled engine that in addition to an improved timing chain tensioner system, driving refinement and reliability through an upgrade of the fuel and ignition components to Bosch’s L-Jetronic with Motronics 2 DME (Digital Motor Electronics) system.  The 1987 model featured here also benefits from the more stout Getrag G50 five-speed manual combined with a bump in horsepower to 217 the year before.  In the late eighties, emissions, noise, and safety regulations were starting to take their toll on the aging 911 design, so the 3.2 Carrera produced from 1984-1989 represents the last iteration of the original car.

The current caretaker of this classic eighties Porsche color combination points out that he stores his Targa every winter, so be sure to check all of the electrical systems to ensure everything works properly.  This 911 features more recent Bilstein shocks, as well as new Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 tires, mounted on classic Fuchs style wheels.  The seller honestly points out his 911’s true mileage is 87,191 as the original odometer failed at 53,421 at the end of 2001 under a previous owner’s care. That information provides a clue this 911 has only been driven an average of 2,000 miles annually under the current owner’s care.  This 1987 911 represents a sweet spot example of the original car combined with more modern performance and reliability in the perfect 1980s color combination.  It’s not uncommon these days to find similarly-priced examples pushing 200K miles with no end in sight. This 911 gains you entrance into any Porsche Club of America and air-cooled event, so you can quickly find your spare time filled driving your new 911.  Good luck with the purchase!

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