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Posted for nearly one month and still for sale is our latest “NEW!” (short for “No Effin Way!) Award winner posted here on Craigslist near Hartford, Connecticut is this blue over black, 17K original mile 1977 Plymouth Volare two door coupe equipped with a factory sunroof and floor shift manual the private seller currently wants $10,000 firm for. Despite the low mileage and nice rare options on this example, the seller’s expectations are completely out of line with the market as the NADA Online Guide currently lists their “High Retail” estimate for these cars at only $1,700.  More disturbing is the fact that despite the low mileage originality of his survivor, he’s willing to sell the car and ruin it by offering a 1969 340 V8 for the next caretaker to swap out the slant six for $15,000.  Consequently, this private seller earns our latest “NEW!” Award as we’re positive he will continue to have trouble finding a buyer for his Volare.

Here’s the current caretaker’s description of his Volare:

1977 Volare. Original factory Sunroof car, real true survivor with only 17K miles on the odometer. I have received responses from people accusing me of being dishonest about the milage. This Car is legit. Come see it and you will be a believer. Between still having the original exhaust and tires, the interior will blow your mind. Cars are original only once and this one is all of that. Car was special ordered with black RT interior, 225cid, 3sp+OD, 3:23 8.25″ rear, rear defrost, fold down rear seat. Car drives like new, interior is mint, body has a few dings otherwise zero rot. Original paint, top, the whole 9 yards. 99% original unmolested.  Has factory rust coating protection. I still have the original tires and rims, it came with the magnum 500’s. I have shown this car in the Survivors Tent at Carlisle Nationals.”

Car needs nothing, can be driven anywhere at 85mph and get you 25mpg on the highway. I am asking $10K and will not take less, please do not ask. I also have a fresh rebuilt 1969 340 motor with headers, MSD Ignition, bell housing, & rare aluminum W2 intake ready to go in it if you are interested in finishing what I wanted to do to the car which was to drop the V8 in it. The engine was built to push around 425HP. More than enough to make yourself a sleeper. $15K for the car & engine. “

While we like the rare combination of options this low mileage two door Volare came equipped with, we’re sad that after all these years this car will likely lose its originality for the sake of maximizing profit on this car.  We hope the next caretaker elects to keep this Volare as is and if so, we wish the new buyer good luck with the purchase!

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