What is Reserved Parking?

Oct 2019 | RP Sidebar Posts

What is “Reserved Parking”?

We believe collector cars and trucks are more than an asset;  often they become members of our families with a wealth of stories under their hoods.  When that’s the case and it comes time for an owner to part with their beloved vehicle, its often more about finding the next proper caretaker than simply selling to the highest bidder.

We’ve built our website with the goal of having an entertaining and informative space where sellers can find their collector car’s next caretaker and potential buyers can search for their next special interest vehicle in a dealer-free environment.  Yes, that’s right: dealer-free.  While we’re not anti-dealer (we agree the reputable dealers have a place and in certain situations we even recommend several local, honest, and knowledgeable dealers) we believe there is an unmet need in the online collector car marketplace where knowledgeable enthusiasts can go and trust they are working with other private individuals.

We’ve organized the site in a mobile-friendly, magazine style format.  We encourage you to navigate through our site; here’s a summary of the key features:

  • The “Car Corral” features interesting collectible cars the Guys With Rides team finds for sale by private sellers on Craigslist based on daily themes such as “Malaise Monday” (cars between 1972 and 1984), “Wagon Wednesday” (Station Wagons Only), and “Topless Thursday” (Convertibles and removable tops),” while the “Side of The Road” category reports classic cars for sale by private sellers seen while driving.
  • The “Guys With Their Rides” page provides interesting stories of collectible cars and the passionate caretakers who tell them.
  • The “Reserved Parking” page is designed long term for those collectible car owners hoping to find the next caretaker of their vehicle at a fair price.