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Originally listed in October 2019 on Craigslist in Brooklyn is an ex-Danish Military 1978 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 416 the current caretaker for the past three-and-a-half years is asking $30,000 for, however, he does mention that price is negotiable.

The Mercedes-Benz Unimog is an all-terrain initially designed as a tractor, but quickly became known for its versatility and usability in numerous applications such as fire-fighting, jungle and mountain exploration, and paving roads, among many others. Albert Friedrich and Heinrich Rößler, employees of the Aircraft engine division at Mercedes-AMG, designed the first Unimog shortly after World War II initially to be used as a tractor capable of plowing fields, hauling logs, and pulling heavy equipment.  Unimogs utilize rear-wheel drive and switchable front-wheel drive, with equal-size wheels, in order to be driven on roads at higher speeds than traditional farm tractors. With their very high ground clearance and a flexible frame that is essentially a part of the suspension, Unimogs are not designed to carry as much cargo as regular trucks, however, what they can carry Unimogs can take literally anywhere you need them to.

Ironically, when Friedrich and Rößler introduced the concept in 1945, Mercedes-Benz leadership was not interested.  Consequently, Friedrich left M-B to work on the Unimog full-time and by 1948 was in full production.  Demand was so high that Friedrich was able to sell his infant Unimog business to Mercedes-Benz by 1950.

While the seller’s post provides two dozen pictures, only five are of the actual Unimog while the balance show all of the spare parts and off-road equipment that will be included as part of the sale.

Here’s the seller’s description from his Craigslist post:

“1978 Unimog 416 Danish Military w/ 18k lb Sepson PTO Winch on Michelin XM47 AG 90% hwy rated. Extra set of Michelin XZL tires 60%. OM 352 6 cylinder diesel engine. 39k mi. IP has been turned up. Lovely condition. 8 speed (4 high, 4 low, 4 low reverse) All wheel differential lock + 4×4. Great H pattern gearing configuration for off-road. Working PTO front and rear. Front PTO has shaft. Minimal rust. Runs extremely great. Truck horn and euro horn. Truck has concurred all terrain over the 3.5 yrs I’ve had it. Serviced with upgrades. Inclusive extras pictured. Many extras. Clear title in NY. Registered in NY state, operating in NYC. negotiable. $30,000.”

If you need a serious off-road vehicle that is very difficult to get stuck with, you can’t do much better than this Unimog.  If you decide to buy it, please keep us posted on what you plan to do with it, and good luck with the purchase!

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