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“Own a Legend from the days of Moonshine running.” That’s how the current caretaker Tony describes his barn find you’ll need to read more about below.

Updated last week  here on Craigslist in Pigeon Forge, New York is is this nondescript 1968 Ford Galaxie 500 with a story that piqued our interest.  Full size Fords of this vintage haven’t risen in value as the  Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool shows the owner has his barn find priced $600 below the #4 “Fair” (Daily Driver) estimate of $6,300.  Not only have prices on this vintage of Galaxies remained flat, an example in #1 “Concours” condition is only worth $17,900 currently. Consequently, if the provenance described below checks out, we’re not sure the premium would be enough to recoup your costs to restore it is former outlaw glory.

Here is the seller’s description and a video link to the car.  Comment below on whether you think its fact or fiction.

“Barn Find like no other. This car has a great story that was told to me. Ford Vs Chevy. “White Lightnin” as the car was called ran Moonshine in the hills, valleys and mountains of Eastern Ky, Va, Tn, Tri-Cities area. It was chosen for it size (to haul more shine) Flip Folding Headlights, with Shine runners Covers) over the headlights (to run stealth and not have its lights shine for miles in the hills and valleys on night time runs) To outrun the Law, a 289 built like a NASCAR Engine to run high RPM’s to maintain its quickness on hairpin curves and flat get it on the straightaways. Rear Disc Brakes added to a locker rear end for added slow down in the mountain curves, 2 1/2 inch exhaust with flowmasters all the way out to breath while screaming down the backroads. Fog lights were added when needed to help out run the law in Foggy Mountain Passes. Its Fastback roofline pierced through the air like an arrow. Add one Crazy A$$ Driver with nerves of steel and the quickness of a mountain lion and you have one of the baddest Moonshine Runners in East KY.

Now here’s the kicker, with an Moonshine attitude that no one can out run me on the backroads, he got called into a race in East TN by the “Big Black Train” a 76 Monte Carlo with a equal car and driver. It’s engine was a NASCAR prepped style 350, TH 400 and indestructible 12 bolt rear end. The hood was louvred to provide enormous air flow to the Fire Breathing Chevy Small Block. See the weeds growing through it where it lays today. Now, in the South, Racing is a serious sport, not taken lightly, we race for titles, not always for fun or money. That was the case for “White Lightnin” and The Big Train”.

As the story goes, they picked a 3 mile run through some very tight mountain curves that lead down to a valley floor with a 3/4 mile straight to finish. Starting out side by side White Lightnin took the Big Black Train out of the hole and pressed through the winding mountain with the Big Black Train in hot pursuite. When they reached the mountain peak, White Lightnin was able to accerlate into the cruve and break out into the next one, with the Big Black Train sitting on his bumper. When they hit the floor and headed to the finish, they were both side by side, only a bumper space seperated the 2 cars as White Lightnin was starting to pull away, the engines RPM’S screamed as the last bit of power was pulled from them. As it goes in Racing, you never know whats going to happen until you cross the finish line, that such thing happened in this legendary Moonshine runners race. White Lightnin pegged 8,000 as it was pulling away from Big Black Train, but as luck would have it, White Lightnin’s ran out as the steel fan came loose and shot into the stock Ford metal hood, (the hole and dent still there today). Needless to say Big Black Train blasted past White Lightnin and won the race.

As being a man of his word ( a Southern code of honour) White Lightnin’s owner and driver handed over the title to “White Lightnin”. The car was towed away and left under a car port like a trophy for the winner “Big Black Train” which was put beside it to remind its owner of the legendary victory Chevy VS Ford Moonshine Runners.

Fact or Fiction, we know the cars involved were true, the owner of Big Black Train passed on some years ago, no where abouts of White Lightnin’s owner was know after the race.

White Lightnin was pulled out of its resting place and was given a wash, it’s engine still fired up with fresh gas and oil, it will yard drive but needs brakes and minor work to put it on the road again. View the pictures as she was found and with a fresh wash, how good she still looks. Call or text, make offer or trade.”

Here’s the link to the video Tony posted on YouTube:


Do you believe the story about this Galaxie?  Comment below and let us know!


  1. Anonymous

    just needs cherry bomb mufflers , make it sound like a REAL FORD !!!!!!

  2. Em er

    Is this car still for sale


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