Unmolested C4: 1984 Corvette 4+3 Manual – $5,500 OBO

Nov 2019 | Classifinds, Free For All Friday

The Unloved Corvette: the new-for-1984 C4.  There’s a place in our heart for unmolested examples such as the black-on-black leather, manual transmission-equipped, 71K original mile example currently listed here on Craigslist in Howell, New Jersey where the private seller Todd is currently asking $5,500 or best offer for it.  Using the  Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool as a guide confirms the current caretaker has his Corvette priced $500 less than the #3 “Good” estimate of $6,000.  If you are serious about buying this C4 Corvette, you can start the conversation by either texting or calling the private seller Todd at (732) 298-1853.

After a long 14 year production run, Chevrolet planned to replace its aging C3 Corvette with the all-new C4 version for the 1983 model year to correspond with the car’s 30 anniversary.  Unfortunately, production delays prevented the car from becoming publicly available until the spring of 1983, so Chevrolet decided to forego a 1983 model altogether and launched the new car as an early 1984 model.

The exterior was a modern, more aerodynamic interpretation of the original 1963 Sting Ray.  Unfortunately, under the clamshell-style hood from the 81-82 C3 Corvette was Chevrolet’s L83 5.7 Liter “Cross Fire” V8 producing just 205 horsepower. After not certifying a manual transmission for 1982, for 1984 Chevrolet offered a Doug Nash “4+3” which consisted of a four-speed manual, with overdrives on the top three gears. The 700R4 automatic was also available as an option.

The C4 Corvette wasn’t body-on-frame, nor was it quite a unibody. The C4 had what GM called a “Uniframe” construction. It featured a traditional rail frame, with the windshield frame and B-pillar frame integrated to the frame. The targa top, when installed, connected the windshield and B-frame, thus becoming part of the structure. As a result it did not simply latch in but had to screw in. The C4 also had large side sills which resulted in a big climb in and out. Coil springs were also replaced with a plastic transverse mono leaf-spring, significantly reducing the weight of the suspension components while providing body rigidity.

The interior of the C4 was pure 1980s. Straight lines and right angles dominated the cabin aesthetic, and the digital instrument panel, while wildly futuristic at launch, quickly became dated and was not well received by enthusiasts.

Before you join the crowd and pan this 1984 Corvette, do yourself a favor:  drive an early 1980s vintage C3 and then get behind the wheel of this C4.  Doing so will provide you with a reference point of just what an improvement the C4 was at the time.  While Chevrolet continuously improved the C4 during its twelve year model run so better versions can be had, an unmolested C4 is a great bargain that not only gains you admittance to any Corvette event you choose, this example is also RADwood eligible.  Regardless of which event you decide to drive this C4 to,  good luck with the purchase!

Here’s the seller’s description:

“1984 Corvette
71,000 original miles
4+3 Doug Nash manual trans. (Overdrive works)
comp cam
hypertech chip
custom exhaust (sounds amazing)
Removable fiberglass targa top
new alternator
digital dash rebuilt
never seen rain or snow garage kept.
all power options work
pretty fast for a crossfire with the mods (upped fuel pressure and timing also)
Chiltons and shop manual included
Get in and drive anywhere, gets looks everywhere.

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