Guys With Their Rides 11: Andy and His 1975 International Scout II

Dec 2019 | Guys And Their Rides

Guys With Rides reader Andy F. from Georgia shared two of his cars from his collection.  We’ll save the other one for tomorrow (hint: its a very rare and very fast wagon!) but today we love featuring his 1975 International Scout II. While he’s owned it since 2008, in 2017 decided to “re-restore” his Scout with new paint and undercarriage refurbishment as well as some other cosmetics.

Andy reports he took the removable hardtop off his Scout the day after he bought it and it’s never been back on.  When his son was younger, Andy’s 304 cubic inch V8-powered Scout served as the “get to the baseball park” truck and continues to serve as official “lets get ice cream” for his wife and family whenever the mood strikes. 

If Andy’s Scout looks familiar, both he and his IH were featured two weeks ago on NBCSN’s Caffeine and Octane TV show. Episode aired last week. As a devoted Clemson Alum, Andy’s Scout carried the right colors to participate in the 2018 National Championship Parade for the Clemson Tigers.

Thanks for sharing Andy!


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