Guys With Rides 12: Andy And His 2013 Mercedes-Benz E63

Dec 2019 | Guys And Their Rides

Guys With Rides follower Andy from Georgia shared his extremely rare Monarch Blue 2013 Mercedes-Benz E63 station wagon he purchased in January of this year.  If you watch either Doug DeMuro or Tyler Hoovie on their YouTube channels, you’ll have an appreciation of the rarity of these late model Mercedes-Benz sleeper wagons.  In fact, Andy reports that 2013 may be the most exclusive production Mercedes built that year with estimates between only 50 to 59 leaving the AMG factory.  For reference, Mercedes manufactured about 150 SLS Gullwing AMG Black Series that same year!

While the standard E63 AMG Estate came equipped with a V8 BiTurbo engine capable of 518 horsepower and 550 foot pounds of torque, the original owner also checked the P30 Performance Pack option box, which upped the ante to 550 horsepower and 590 foot pounds of torque.  So equipped, this station wagon accelerates from 0-60 miles per hour in 3.93 seconds and zero to 100 in about 8 second with ¼ mile times averaging in the low 11 second range!  Not only did the P30 package up the power, it also deleted the standard 155 mile speed limiter delete, allowing this Estate to top out at 186 MPH! 

The original owner clearly was on a quest to have the ultimate sleeper, as he ordered his E63 with the “badge delete” option to make it even more stealthy.  What makes this rare car even rarer is that it was factory ordered Paint to Sample (“PTS”) in Monarch Blue – a non-standard Mercedes Benz color – over custom color Saddle Tan Designo Leather interior making this Wagon One of One!

As Andy puts it, many people refer to any E63 AMG Wagon’s as a “Unicorn” car. Given this E63 Estate is a paint-to-sample with custom leather and the P30 package, that makes this Unicorn a UFO!

Thanks for sharing, Andy!



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