Guys With Rides 15: Tom, His Humor, And His Ferrari 360 Modena

Dec 2019 | Guys And Their Rides

Who says Ferrari owners don’t have a sense of humor.  Tom B. from Cinnaminson, New Jersey busted that stereotype when he unknowingly submitted his parity of our “Guys With Their Rides” section after seeing a feature on one of his friends on the site.
Liars With Tires :  Tom and his 2004 Ferrari 360 Modena Coupe
Tom B. from Cinnaminson, New Jersey is one of the Liars With Tires biggest supporters and we are here to share his prized 2004 Ferrari Modena Coupe aptly name, “Big Red”.
If you’re not familiar with it, Ferrari introduce the 360 as part of its redesigned longer, lower and lighter cars that go fast.
This car came equipped with the RARE “ball on a stick” option.  This was an option at the time that gave the driver something to do at red lights.
No expense was spared as this car has AN EXTRA PEDAL!!!!
Although it ran when delivered, Tom decided to put gasoline in the fuel tank and changed the oil.
The car even has a custom color-keyed coffee holder that is perfect for keeping drinks warm.
Thanks for sharing Tom!!!


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