Side of the Road 21: 1964 Pontiac LeMans GTO – Sold.

Dec 2019 | Side of The Road

Sometimes you’ll come across a collector car for sale at the front of a used truck dealer’s lot driving around your town.  That’s exactly what happened when we came across this 1964 Pontiac LeMans GTO Convertible this past Sunday.  We confirmed the dealer, who specializes in used truck and van sales, does not list this car in their inventory on their website, so we believe they are allowing the private seller to display their GTO there.

The price listed in the window is $32,850. Using the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool and factoring a ten percent reduction for it being a less desirable automatic-equipped example, the seller has their Goat priced priced $8,910 above the #4 “Fair” (Daily Driver) adjusted estimate of $23,940.

We’re calling this GTO a Daily Driver as its a classic example of a “twenty footer” where it looked great as we drove by but once we turned around and looked close up you could quickly tell this GTO, although rock solid and likely originally from a dry climate, has an older repaint hiding a number of sins.  We tried to capture the waviness along the length of the passenger side and a filler crack with the top of the driver’s side quarter panel meets the trunk. Online, pictures may not be able to show this defect.

In addition to the white top showing dirt that may be hard to remove, the passenger side door window alignment to the convertible top is completely out of whack.  We confirmed the window was completely rolled up and yet there still remained an unacceptable air gap.  This is something you would not pick up if a seller only provides pictures of a car with the top down.

The black carpet, while not worn, is badly faded and will either need to be re-dyed or replaced.  The white vinyl interior will similarly need a re-dye if a good scrubbing does not produce acceptable results.  The most egregious problem with the interior is the non-stock wood steering wheel with…a Chevy Bowtie horn button.  That is the first thing we’d remove!

If you’re looking for a driver quality first-year GTO, don’t want to row your own gears, and can live with the wavy flawed paint, this example might be worth a look and drive.  Our recommendation is not pay more than $25K.  Good luck with the purchase!































Good luck with the purchase!

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