1973 Shorland Mk3 Armoured Patrol Car – STILL $38,000

December 27th Update – we first featured this 1973 Shorland Armoured Patrol Car back on October 4th and in proof this is not something for everyone, we noticed its still available for $38,000 in an updated post which we’ve revised below.  Good luck with purchase!

Worried about the Zombies coming? If so, do you only need room for you, two other Apocalypse survivors, and a supply of MREs? Well, posted on Thursday here on Craigslist in Palm, Pennsylvania is a 1973 Shorland Mk3 Armoured Patrol Car that’s fits the bill.  Using the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool for a 1973 Land Rover Series III as a proxy, the private seller has his Shorland priced $5,600 above the #2 “Excellent” estimate, so the premium asked here is for the low 18,000 original miles combined with the rare optional smoke grenade launchers.

The Shorland is an armoured patrol car designed specifically for the Northern Ireland Police Force to deal with uprisings and terrorist attacks.  You’ll have to get the story of how this vehicle made it all the way from Northern Ireland to Allentown, Pennsylvania.  If you learn more, please share it with us below.

Fully armored, this patrol car still features a 360 rotating turret, optical periscope, and smoke grenade launcher.  Equipped with four wheel drive and unspecified ground clearance, you’ll be the envy of your fellow Constitutional Militia members as you lead the way back in the woods to your hidden headquarters.  When you’re not busy preparing for the end of civilization, just keep this parked in your driveway facing out to keep your neighbors in check.  Good luck with the purchase!

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