Simple Shooting Brake: 1958 Studebaker Scottsman – Sold!

Jan 2020 | Classifinds, Wagon Wednesday

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Despite a merger in 1954, Studebaker-Packard’s combined financial situation worsened in 1955 and 1956 forcing the company to try and compete with low-priced, basic transportation rather than take on the “Big Three.”  One of the products of that decision was the two years only, two-door Studebaker Scottsman wagon like the one on Craigslist in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey where the current caretaker is asking $14,500 for. Researching the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool as a guide shows the current caretaker has his Scotsman priced $1,300 less than the #1 “Concours” estimate of $15,800.  

Relying on a name hinting Scottish frugality, Studebaker created the Scotsman based on the Champion’s two- and four-door sedan and two-door station-wagon bodies in a move designed to undercut the prices of minimal-frill competitors from the Big Three. The Scotsman had features reminiscent of the “blackout” cars of the shortened 1942 model year, from which chrome trim was eliminated by war-materials rationing.

The seller provides a very detailed description below.  In our humble opinion, we believe the current caretaker’s choice to repaint his Scotsman recently with gloss black rather than the original blue combined with worn carpets will hold this car back.  While the seller mentions his car needed minimal bodywork and the rocker panels were rust-free prior to repaint, the waviness in those pictures combined with orange peel in several others has us thinking the paint job is at the best amateur quality. Those items aside, this Scotsman provides a distinctive body style you will likely not see parked next to you very often.  Good luck with the purchase!

Here’s the seller’s description:

“Hi i am selling my 58 studebaker scotsman wagon. If your reading this i dont have to tell you how rare this wagon is ; especially in this condition. It retains its original flat head, six cylinder engine. This engine was rebuilt by its previous owner about 5 years ago. He had owned this car for approximatly 20 years. When i bought it he was still enjoying it and it was not a barn find. The engine runs really strong. It starts right up with a little choke everytime. There are no noises,leaks or smoke. Its a cruiser not a muscle car. The 3 speed on the colum is what i believe to be original as well. It shifts thru the gears with ease and there are no syncro noises. The clutch feels normal as well. The over drive works but from time to time the cable gets stuck. May eventually need a new cable. The engine compartment is complete and very tidy.

I had this wagon painted about 6 months ago and its nothing short of amazing. Obviously better then new. This was only was offered in only 3 colors when new. They were gray, blue and green. They were very dull. This wagon was originally blue. I have redone the wagon in black and its really really shiney. The job was done in a professional shop and it has alot of clear. Most would recognize that not many antique vechiles can be done in black. Its got to have a good body with minimal body work. As it was, this body was excellent and of course it came out amazing. If you do your research there was very little chrome on this car. There was no crome around the windows, no chrome bezels and no chrome rain gutters. They only came with a stamped chrome grill, chrome door handels and chrome bumpers. I have retained them and although i believe them to be original i can tell you they are in excellent condition. All the rubber arount the windows is excellent as well, although i wonder if they were replaced at some time. All the glass has the original stamping and they all orerate as they should.

The interior of there vechiles are as spartin as you can imagine. The interior is very basic and in excellent condition. I am not sure if it was ever redone. The seats do not have any rips or tears. The door panels and side panels all the way thru the car are still there and in excellent condition as well. The dash is original and as you can see by the pictures its excellent as well the headliner is perfect as well as the visors so i dont know if it was ever repaced. The steering wheel is orginal and was covered when i bought this car. I removed it and found it to be excellent. The carpet is worn and if i was keeping this wagon i would replace them. The speedometer gage “which is called the cyclops eye” is located above the instrument panel was very intresting. It rotates as the car gains speed and it still works perfect, as does the odometer. The temp lamp, oil pressue and amp lamps still work but not sure about the gas gage, as its not a gage is a lamp. All the lights and turn signals on this vechile work, including the dash lites.

This is a solid car. There is not a drop of rust on the rocker. The frame and underside is excellent. When i had the wagon painted it required very little body work. Actually under $500.

I have taken this wagon to several shows this summer and it attracted crowds of people. Most people had no idea what it was. I recieved many compliments on this wagon. When i bought this wagon i re-did the brakes and it stops on a dime. I also bought brand new coker wide whites and they look fantastic. I envision this vechile at the beach in california with a couple boards on top or in many car shows.

Iam selling this wagon for $14500obo. I am open to trades but i am not looking for basket cases. I can be reached at show contact info my name is david. I am available any time for an appointment. Please be respectful any be prepaired to purchase as i know a tire kicker when i see one.

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