Just one bulb, that’s all I needed.  An 1159 bayonet style, single pole, incandescent bulb for the under hood light in our 1984 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz to be exact.  Sure, every time I go into a parts store I could pick-up a sealed multi-pack they force you to buy these days and be done with it.  I only need one and by the time I have a need another, I’ll either forget I have an extra or (more likely) I can’t remember where I stored the extras.

To start the engine compartment detailing of our 41K original mile 1984 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Coupe winter project, we replaced the original hood insulation pad we found decimated by mice with a die-cut piece supplied by CaddyDaddy.com.  When we bought the car, we noticed the under hood convenience light not only didn’t have a bulb in place, but the previous owner oddly disconnected the wiring leading to it. With the new hood pad in place, we wanted to replace the lone bulb and reconnect the wiring.

I delayed giving into The Man by waiting for Carlisle Events Auto Mania Indoor Flea Market as I figured there would be a good chance someone would be selling the lone bulb I needed.  If you’re not familiar with it, Auto Mania is Carlisle Events first show of every calendar year.  Now in its 30th season, the Indoor Flea Market is actually held in downtown Allentown, Pennsylvania at the Agri~Plex building located on the historic Fairgrounds property.

Much smaller than the traditional outdoor Carlisle Events, it’s a great way to break cabin/garage fever to get out perhaps find parts you need to keep your current project going.  Since our project car didn’t fall into the more popular categories, we managed our expectations by hoping to score a printed factory service manual and the aforementioned under hood bulb.  We also hoped Eastwood Company would have a booth as we wanted to stock up on under hood spray paints to save us another trip to their factory store one hour away.

After no success scrounging through the vendors selling service manuals, we happened upon a large display of electrical connectors and bulbs.  If this gentleman didn’t have our bulb, we would succumb to the multi-pack retail alternative.  Not knowing exactly what bulb I needed, I described the application.  Without hesitation, the vendor said, “Follow me.” where we landed at a box of specialty bulbs at the end of his display.  He picked out a bulb from a group of dissimilar ones and said, “Here’s what you need. One dollar.”  Perfect.  Once we arrived home, I installed my Swap meet find and I’m pleased to report it works great.

If you’re in the area next January, Auto Mania is a great place to find, hard-to-find parts for your latest project as well as run into fellow car enthusiast you normally see during the summer.  One must-do item before or after you visit the show:  The Amish Farmer’s Market across the parking lot has fantastic hot food available from a variety of vendors.

Do you have an Auto Mania story you’d like to share?  Comment below and let us know!


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