I’m Exhausted: Question of the Day – What Say You?

Mar 2020 | I'm Exhausted

 With all of the time we all currently have on our hands, we’d love to hear your opinion on any of our daily subjects, so please feel free to comment below!  Our favorite comment of the day will receive some free GuysWithRides.com stickers:


Wednesday, March 18th:  We regularly come across Classifinds in which the seller claims “one owner” or even “original owner” when in fact since they are now the second caretaker regardless of whether they registered the car or not. We say the vehicle is now a two-owner car.  Do you agree or disagree?

Thursday, March 19th:  With spring officially upon us, we’re starting to see some sellers reposting their collector car at a higher asking price.  In the falls and winter we also see some sellers make the claim “buy it now before the price goes up in the spring.”  Do you think that still applies with all of the price guidelines we now have at our disposal online?

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