NEW! Award 1: 1995 Ford F-150 Lightning Project Truck – NOW $28,000

Mar 2020 | NEW Award, Truckin Tuesday

March 24th Update:  Wow.  All we can say is, “Wow.”  In our quest to find truck classifinds for this Tuesday we came across the latest post for our very first ever  “NEW! (short for “No Effin Way!”) Award recipient dating back to January of 2019 who is still trying to sell his 1995 Ford Lightning project. In his latest post and a shocking development, he’s lowered the asking price down $8,000 back to $20,000 or best offer.  With no new pictures showing no progress made on this project truck, we remain fascinated by this listing.  The updated link is at the bottom of this post.  Good luck with the purchase.

January 21st Update:  In the “you can’t make this stuff up” category, we discovered our very first ever  “NEW! (short for “No Effin Way!”) Award recipient dating back exactly one year ago today is still trying to sell his 1995 Ford Lightning project, only now he’s increased his price $8,000 back up to $28,000 or best offer.  With no new pictures showing any progress, we remain fascinated by this listing.

November 1st Update:  Our first ever NEW! (short for No Effin Way!) Award recipient we created back in January just posted a fresh listing of their 1995 Ford Lightning project and while they’ve lowered their price to $20,000 its unlikely they will get any takers at this still elevated level.

As the Guys With Rides staff scours the internet looking for cool vehicles to share with you, every so often we come across a vehicle whose seller’s price expectations are out of line with the realities of the marketplace. This particular example falls into the category of “what you have into it does not equal what someone is willing to pay for it.”

As a reference price, the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool currently lists the value of Concours #1 quality 1995 Ford SVT Lightnings at $24,600. Remember that Hagerty’s site states, “Condition #1 vehicles are the best in the world. The visual image is of the best vehicle, in the right colors, driving onto the lawn at the finest concours. Perfectly clean, the vehicle has been groomed down to the tire treads. Painted and chromed surfaces are mirror-like. Dust and dirt are banned, and materials used are correct and superbly fitted.” As the pictures above illustrate, we are not dealing with a #1 Concours condition SVT Lightning.

Instead, the seller markets his 1995 Ford Lightning as a project truck equipped with a 2009 5.4L Shelby GT motor connected to a brand new six-speed manual transmission that sends power to Dana 60 rear axle equipped with 35-spline axles and disc brakes. In order to make this modern engine run, the sale includes a Ford Performance Control Pack. The suspension in this truck features a Ford LTD front end with disc brakes with brand new all-aluminum steering rack. Also included (apparently it’s what’s in all the boxes in the bed) is all new OEM Ford sheet metal to repair the bed and front fenders. All told, the seller claims he has $40,000 already invested in what you see here. Wow. All we can say is, “Wow.”

Here’s the rub: as much as this truck has completed, you’ll easily have to invest another $15,000-$20,000 in bodywork, paint, and interior finishing to make this a cool, streetable truck. At that point, you’ll have $35,000 invested that will likely be worth $20,000. If you’re willing to make those kind of numbers work, you can find this truck for sale by private owner near Edison, New Jersey on Craigslist by clicking here. God’s speed!


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