Not Lean Burn: 1975 Chrysler Cordoba Factory Sunroof – Sold!

Mar 2020 | Classifinds, Malaise Monday

First-year Chrysler Cordobas such as this example just listed recently on Craigslist in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, maybe more famous for Ricardo Montalbán as their pitchman, however, they were the only year that did not feature MOPAR’s infamous Lean Burn technology, which this private seller colorfully describes in his post.  With just over 70K original miles, the current caretaker of this burgundy in-an-out example is currently asking $5,200 for his Cordoba. A check of the NADA Guides Collector Car Online Valuation Tool confirms their asking price is within the “Low”, “Average”, and “High” retail value range of $2,530, $4,125, and $7,727, respectively.

With emissions regulations and rising insurance premiums effectively killing interest in muscle cars, by the mid-seventies Chrysler turned their attention to the burgeoning mid-size, personal luxury segment then dominated by the Oldsmobile Cutlass and Ford Thunderbird.  The Cordoba was originally intended to be a Plymouth, however, Chrysler executives decided to seek higher profits by marketing the model under the more upscale Chrysler brand. The car was a success, with over 150,000 examples sold in 1975.  While Ricardo Montalbán talked about “Rich Corinthian Leather” as though it were made from special cowhides, the reality was it simply a marketing term having nothing to do from where the leather originated.  In fact, Chrysler’s leather supplier at the time, Radell Leather, manufactured seat coverings in Newark, New Jersey.  Enthusiasts prefer these first-year Cordobas the most as they featured Chrysler’s 400 cubic inch V8 topped with a Carter Thermoquad four barrel carburetor in addition to the single round headlights and other features set these apart from GM’s Colonade Hardtops it competed with.

Check out this famous 1975 commercial featuring actor Ricardo Montalban introducing the new small Chrysler, a.k.a. the 1975 Chrysler Cordoba:

The combination of the same color in-and-out combined with the lack the vinyl roof, Cragar SS wheels, and rare factory mood roof have us digging this first-year Cordoba.  The sound of the true dual exhaust this example sports must also be impressive.  This is a classic Malaise-era car that will no doubt get people saying to you, “I had one of those just like it.” just about every time you take it for a drive.  Good luck with the purchase!

Here’s the seller’s description:

“NOT that crappy LEAN BURN shit ! (originally & still), 1975 Cordoba (1st Year), with 400 CI 4bbl Engine & having relatively low miles on it and Dual Exhaust. Maroon… with matching “Corinthian Leather” interior and Maroon exterior, Sunroof, PW, PB, A/C, neat old-timey pre-digital clock. This thing is like a mobile Living Room, or martini bar…SUPER COOL inside and out…AN ATTENTION GETTER. This car has a Great Sound to it, with the Dual Exhaust and the classic Thermoquad ! Fairly recent Paint job, some smaller miscellaneous things to finish up. Asking $5200. *E-Mail or Text if interested* **MUST PICK UP IN BRIDGEWATER, MA … CASH **

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