Green Machine: 1977 Chrysler Cordoba 400 Equipped – SOLD!

Apr 2020 | Classifinds, Malaise Monday

May 1st 2020 Update: While updating our database we confirmed this Cordoba has been sold.  Thanks for looking!

When it comes to first generation Chrysler Cordobas, we prefer the round single headlight design used through 1977 such as the Green over Green Jersey leather example currently listed on Craigslist in Akron, Ohio by the third owner.  With only 58K original miles, the private seller is currently asking $3,500, which a check of the NADA Guides Classic Car Online Valuation Tool confirms is within the “Low”, “Average”, and “High” retail value range of $2,007, $3,575, and $6,820, respectively.

Originally designed by Chrysler to be the all new Plymouth Sebring for 1975 which was to share bodies with the Dodge Charger SE, a decision was made to introduce this car as the first small Chrysler. The smaller Cordoba was introduced as a contender in the personal luxury market that was powered by smaller, more economical engines than other Chryslers, and riding on a 115 in (2,921 mm) wheelbase, 9 in (229 mm) less than the traditional models at the time.  This single body style coupe was one of Chrysler’s few genuine hits of the 1970s. At a time when the automaker was teetering on bankruptcy, demand for Cordobas actually exceeded supply for its first couple of years, with production of over 150,000 units for the inaugural 1975 models, and the most built in 1977, with 183,000 units. Half of Chrysler division production during this period (and occasionally more) was composed of Cordobas, and they helped to revive the division.  All Cordobas were built in Windsor, Ontario.

Although Córdoba is the name of a city in Spain, the car’s emblem was actually a stylized version of the Argentine cordoba coin. Either way, the implication was Hispanic, and this theme was carried out with somewhat baroque trim inside the vehicle. Chrysler famously secured movie and television actor Ricardo Montalbán as the car’s advertising spokesman through its entire production run in which he pitched the optional Rich Corinthian Leather, which was just a marketing ploy as the hides we supplied by a company based in New Jersey.

The current caretaker pulled this Cordoba from the barn of the son of the original owner.  He appears to have put enough into this car to get it road worthy again so that he can flip it or trade a for a motorcycle or quad.  With its 400 cubic inch big block and unique color combination, we hope the next caretaker spends a bit more than the $1,300 Maaco quoted the seller below to restore this example.  Good luck with the purchase!

Here’s the seller’s description:

“1977 Chrysler Córdoba, RUNS AND DRIVES, 400 BIG BLOCK 58k NO ROLL OVER, 727 trans (bulletproof) I have the ORIGINAL paper work from the dealer for this car i bought it off of the 2 nd owner, he inherited it from his father who bought NEW. This car was under coated years ago effectively saving it, I pulled it out of a barn in southern Ohio and got it running good but I have 3 other project cars and I need driveway space. Can be driven and is road worthy. I have replaced the alternator,fuel pump, water pump, and lots of hoses and vacuum lines already, car runs nice.
There is small amount of body work, dents and dings, and a little rust on passenger rocker, I have a quote from macco to fix EVERYTHING on body for 1300$! This car is clean!
Interior is 8.5/10 Leather is not cracked or ripped, headliner is perfect all trim pieces are there and in good condition every light works on car including all interior lights, the cigarette lighter even still works.
I have paper work from dealer to prove the car has the heavy duty tow package which means it has the performance rear end and trailing arms. There is so much potential for this car!! This car needs a little body work and paint to be back to its former glory! I’m looking to trade it for a motorcycle, any kind any year also interested in quads and dirt bikes, value on car is 3500

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