Lead Brick: 1980 Volvo 265 GLE D6 Estate Diesel – Sold!

Apr 2020 | Classifinds, Wagon Wednesday

Update: This one got away, but if you have your heart set on something similar, email us the details of what you’re looking for or call Rudy directly at (908)295-7330

April 24th Update:  When we first featured this 1980 Volvo wagon the week before Thanksgiving last November, we thought the seller was too optimistic asking $7,000 when “the greatest economy the world has ever seen”  (someone else’s words, not ours) was at full steam.  Fast forward five months and one pandemic later and earlier this week we found the seller posted a new listing for the same asking price of $7,000 and posing the question,What better item can you spend your stimulus money on than this baby? Maybe you realize the end of normal life is here and you want to run your car on biodiesel?”  Now knowing he’s wanted to sell the car this long, we say you show up with $4,000 cash in hand and see if he doesn’t turn you away – from a safe social distance of six feet, of course.  Good luck with the purchase!

A Volvo 200 series wagon factory equipped with a six-cylinder Volkswagen diesel engine? Hey, it was the early eighties!  The current caretaker just listed their 153K original mile, rare green Brick on Craigslist in Kresgeville, Pennsylvania with an asking price of $7,000. Unfortunately, the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool for this vintage 265 indicates the current caretaker is asking $500 above the #1 “Concours” estimate of $6,500.  Um, no. By the seller’s own admission, this brick is a rare car in excellent condition so we think a starting bid of $5,000 will start the conversation. 

With the second U.S. gas shortage underway in the late seventies, auto makes both foreign and domestic scrambled to offer diesel power options to consumers. Not exactly known for fuel efficiency, Volvo introduced its “D6” powered 240 line in the spring of 1979. Rather than lose time and money trying to develop their own diesel, Volvo purchased their D24 2.4-liter oil burner from Volkswagen. What made the somewhat unique was its inline-six adaption of the four-cylinder diesel mill VW/Audi used at the time.  Volvo struggled to meet U.S. emissions regulations at the time, Volvo artificially kept initial production low with an estimated 600 built during the 1980 model year cars with none being sold in California.  These engines are all liquid-cooled, pre-combustion chamber, diesel engines with non-sleeved iron blocks and aluminum heads. A Bosch mechanical injection system is used that requires constant electrical input so that the fuel supply can be cut off when the ignition key is removed. When introduced, automotive journalists considered the Volvo one of the fastest and quietest diesel sold at the time. 

While hardly a Concours level car, we like the uniqueness of this 200 series Volvo that appears to be in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition.  If your in-person inspection checks out and you can Mark to be a bit more realistic on his price, you’ll have a great conversation piece when you take it to your next car show or RADwood event.  Good luck with the purchase!

Here’s the seller’s description:

What better item can you spend your stimulus money on than this baby? Maybe you realize the end of normal life is here and you want to run your car on biodiesel. Maybe you just want take life a bit slower to enjoy the old days. Regardless, it’s time for me to let this classic go to another enthusiast.

“It’s time to let this classic go to another enthusiast.

A bit over 3 years ago, we purchased this 1980 265 diesel wagon. Green over tan interior, automatic transmission, excellent condition inside and out. 153,122 original miles. The original owner had this car until he sold it in 2011. It has been in the hands of collectors since. Just a few things that have been done over the past 9,000 miles:

several oil changes and new glow plugs
timing belt changed at 144k miles
new tires
new belts
new brakes
new Bilstein struts/shocks
new transmission mount
new oil pressure sensor
a/c converted to R-134
rebuilt fuel injection pump
new stereo
** new transmission was put in at 131,000 miles

What a great car… it really takes you back in time when driving it. Cares seem to melt away, and the busy lifestyle we all have today, seems to not matter. This baby will cruise the interstate all day at 70 (it just takes a while to get there). Needs nothing. The interior is in great shape…exterior has a few nicks and scratches but looks great from 15 feet. 

Do you think the seller is asking too much for his Volvo?  Comment below and let us know!

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    Wow. Really nice in my opinion. Seems fair for it’s condition.


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