Guys With Their Rides 18: Donald and his ’32 Ford Model 18 Street Rod

May 2020 | Guys And Their Rides

We believe there is a story under every hood and we love hearing every one of them!  Our latest Guys With Their Rides story comes from Donald E. in Loris, South Carolina who shared his gorgeous green-over-white 1932 Ford Model 18 Roadster.

Starting with a Harewood body and Stage 3 chassis, Donald added a built and MSD fuel injected 355 cubic inch Small Block Chevy featuring polished stainless steel exhaust system.  Controlling the V8 is a polished Richmond five-speed transmission which send all all of the torque to a polished Halibrand quick-change rear differential.  Accentuating the rake of Donald’s build is a low Duvall windshield combined with a white Sid Chavers convertible top to compliment the white leather interior.

Thanks for sharing Donald!

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