Guys With Their Rides 20: Dwayne and His ’69 Jaguar XKE

May 2020 | Guys And Their Rides

We believe there is a story under every hood and we love hearing every one of them!  Our latest Guys With Their Rides story comes from Dwayne W. in Costa Mesa, California who shared his stunning Pale Primrose Yellow 1969 Jaguar XKE.

Dwayne’s entry falls more under the “the one that got away” category as when he purchased the XKE pictured for only $1,500 it looked terrible.  At the time however, Dwayne worked at a local Jaguar dealership which helped source needed parts.  Dwayne reports he rebuilt the engine “crescent wrench style” as well completing his own paint and interior work, which judging by the picture provided was to a very high quality standard.  Unfortunately, after driving and enjoying the fruits of his labor for 9 years, Dwayne sold his XKE and realizes today that was a mistake.

We feel your pain, Dwayne!

What’s your story?  If you have a story under your hood submit it on our Guys With Their Rides  page today and when you do, we’ll send you free GuysWithRides T-Shirt along with some other free merch!


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