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July 1st, 2020 UpdateThe Craigslist ad used for this post expired, so with no replacement found we’re calling this one “Sold!”

May 20th Update:  long-time readers may remember us featuring this RADwood eligible ’83 Toyota Cressida several times during 2019 when the private seller remained firm on getting $5,400 with the cut coil springs and other modifications left in place or $4,200 stock and if it didn’t sell he would store it all winter.  As we predicted (see below) here we are in Spring when we came across the car with a completely fresh listing on Craigslist with the asking price of $4,200 which now appears to include the gold lace wheels but does not include the wood steering wheel.  Good luck with the purchase!

November 6th Update:  the definition of insanity continues as the owner of this ’83 Cressida can’t seem to find a buyer based on the optimistic asking price he refuses to budge on.  We predict we will see this car for sale once again in the Spring after the owner stores it all winter.

Radwood fans, check out this ’83 Toyota Cressida Five Door currently listed on Craigslist in Spotswood, New Jersey where the second owner from the same family is hoping to get $5,400 with all of the modifications included or $4,200 “stock.” The NADA Online Guide currently lists the “High” retail value at only $3,850.  Unfortunately, the owner’s misguided attempt to lower his wagon by “cut coils 1.5 rotations” more than likely ruin the ride and handling of this car and depending on how he carried out the modification (i.e. was a torch used?) could be a safety concern that needs to be addressed immediately. Consequently, we would factor that into the price negotiation and from there work in the added price for the beautiful period-correctBBS wheels that really work well with the color of this Cressida.

Toyota produced its second-generation mid-size, rear-wheel drive, Cressida Mx62 Five Door wagon for the ’83 and ’84 model years as it was based on the Corona Mark II produced from 1980 through 1984.  Unlike its MX63 sedan counterparts, the Mx62 wagon featured a traditional solid rear axle rather than the more modern independent suspension (“IRS”).  In America, Cressidas came equipped with Toyota’s 5M-GE 2.8 liter double overhead cam inline-six producing 143 horsepower which was the same engine found in MK II Supras at the time.

The second owner’s post goes into great detail with many of the subtle modifications made that we won’t elaborate on here.  We like how clean and well preserved this Cressida is. The cloth seats, automated seat belts, and digital dash only add to the whole early 80s RADWood vibe.  

The major interior upgrades include an aftermarket steering wheel and period-correct Pioneer Double-DIN cassette-style receiver.  Transferring power to the solid rear axle on this wagon is Toyota’s electronically controlled A43DE automatic transmission equipped with “Power”, “Normal”, and “Economy” modes. 

If you’re in the market for a RADwood eligible Japanese car, this six-cylinder, rear-wheel drive wagon makes a savvy alternative.  Just change the coil springs as soon as you get it home!  Good luck with the purchase!