Space 13: 1936 Ford Hot Rod Pickup – SOLD!

Jun 2020 | Sold Cars

August 6th Update:  We received great news that this gorgeous red over tan leather ’36 Ford pickup has found a new home!

Paired right alongside ’32-’34 Ford cars as a favorite of Hot Rodders is the ’36 Ford light duty pickup such as the red-over-tan leather example we’re pleased to feature here at starting today.  We will have more details later this morning, however the pertinent details of this custom build include a built 350 cubic inch small block Chevy V8 topped with three, tw0-barrel carburetors.  Unlike most hot rod builds, this truck features a five-speed manual transmission.  Other luxuries include a Vintage Air A/C system, a modern stereo, and a tilt steering wheel.  With only 10K miles traveled since the completion its build, this is a very nice truck that is ready for cruising on even the hottest summer days.

Do you have a ’36 Ford Pickup story you’d like to share?  Comment below and let us know!

  1. Paul E. Grech

    My name is Paul E. Grech. I am 76 years old. here is my 1936 ford truck story. My father bought this truck in 1955for $75.00. He was able to restore for $2000.00 in 1955. He got a body man to work on it for 6 weeks for $65.00. He gave it to me in 1959. I put a 1955 olds motor in it and drove it for 4 years. I also added a 1941cadillac transmission and a 9 inch ford rear end to make it reliable. I sold it to my sister in 1964. I bought it back in 2003 for $1500.00. This time I spent $150,000 on it. I ended up with a the whole power train out of a 2003 Mustang Cobra in it. Super charged 4.6 liter motor, six speed tremac transmission and independent rear suspension and a new TCI frame. It is a beast and is totally comfortable to ride in. It has power steering, brakes and a $2400.00 radio killer radio in it. It doesn’t burn rubber unless I want it to. It is like a Porsche it sticks and goes. The steeper the hill the better it likes it. All of that and 35 miles to the gallon. The license plate says AFAS all ford all steel. It is so quiet at a light you would swear if had a flathead in it. So far I have driven it a 150,000 miles it is that comfortable to drive. I kept the body just like my father had it. No chop, no lowered Barden bumper in back. It will do 65 in low gear. 90 in second gear and due to the air resistance 140 top end. It has power steering and brakes. It is jet black. My father put a 1935 Packard dashboard in it. He paid $10.00 for the dash in 1955. I paid $4000.00 to get restored in is now 15 years it has been on the road and the insurance company still lets me insure it for $140,000.00.

    • Guys with Rides

      Hi Paul, thank you for sharing your great story. If you have pictures of your truck, we’d love to feature you and it in our “Guys With Their Rides” section. Please send a picture or two to [email protected] and we will handle the rest.


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