Grime-Time With Rudy

Jun 2020 | Under The Hood

Grimetime With Rudy is the daily video Rudy will be posting about what he’s currently working on in the GuysWithRides Garage whenever possible.

August 15th, 2020: While Rudy successfully rebuilt the A/C system in our 1984 Cadillac project car, within two weeks he found the system slowly started blowing warm air again.  Learn the two boneheaded, totally preventable mistakes he could have avoided so that you don’t do the same thing when fixing your A/C system:

August 14th, 2020:  An unrelenting heat wave, an early hurricane, home improvement projects, and a complete lack of car shows were the top reasons keeping Rudy out of the garage for most of the past month.  With more manageable high temperatures on the horizon and a laundry list of maintenance items to do, Rudy completed an oil change on the 2006 Cayenne S:

July 12th, 2020: On Friday, Rudy spent the morning preparing our 1998 Porsche Boxster for the first Concours event of the abbreviated 2020 season.  Unfortunately the weather Friday morning did not cooperate, so hopefully you’ll find the background music very appropriate:

June 28th, 2020:  The “Check Engine” light on the GuysWithRides 1998 Porsche Boxster recently started illuminating, so on Sunday Rudy captured what it takes to diagnose the correct Oxygen sensor to replace on these cars as there are a total of four: two before and two aft of the catalytic converters. In this video, Rudy shows you why its imperative to use a Durametric scanner on any Porsche to obtain a proper diagnosis and how you can use a MacBook to run these Windows-only scanner tools.

June 26th, 2020: after a long week slowly cleaning out all of the lines and replacing the compressor and drier on the air conditioning system of our 1984 project Cadillac Eldorado, Rudy takes you along a for a cool and comfortable ride as he enjoys the fruits of his labor that ended up only costing $300 in parts for him to do the work himself.  He also proves that, at least with his car, all of the talk on the web about R134A conversions not being as cold as the original R12 seems to be pointless:


June 25th, 2020: After a very frustrating Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning fighting the alternator, A.I.R., and power steering accessory belt removals, reinstalls and adjustments needed to get the A/C compressor belt, Rudy ran a successful test on a low eighty degree day after properly recharging the system with R134a.  A full video summary will be posted by Friday afternoon.

June 24th, 2020: Rudy roughed-in the rebuilt compressor on Tuesday and with the system reconnected and sealed, performed a vacuum test that past with flying colors – learn how and also watch why you ALWAYS need to wear safety glasses when working on anything!

June 23, 2020:  With A/C Drier delivered two days ahead of schedule, Rudy provides an overview of that installation as well as a new orifice tube and how he purged and cleaned all of the system lines:

June 19, 2020:  Locating the correct A/C drier delays the project another four days and find out why Rudy gets reminded of why serpentine belts are a good thing!

June 18, 2020:  Rudy summarizes what he needed to do to remove the A/C compressor while he waits for the correct parts to arrive.

June 17th, 2020:  Here’s the Grimetime kick off video from June 17th:

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