Knows What He Has: 1960 Mercury Commuter Station Wagon – STILL $9,500

Jun 2020 | Classifinds, Wagon Wednesday

June 24th Update:  our prediction this Mercury would not sell due to an increased price last month held true.  We found that while the seller listed a fresh post with the same pictures and a mellower description, he remains unrealistically firm on the $9,500 ask.  In his latest description, the seller reveals he found the car in a barn several years ago.  We would start negotiations from what he purchased the car for then.  Good luck with the purchase!

May 27th Update:  When we first featured this rare 1960 Mercury Commuter, we thought the price was a bit optimistic for the condition and the pictures provided.  Fast forward six weeks and while as expected, the car has not sold the seller took the odd step of increasing his asking price $500 to $9,500. We predict we will be watching this car linger for a while. 

1960 Mercurys are rare cars to come across these days and among those, four-door hardtop Commuter station wagons such as this example here on Craigslist in Port Jefferson, New York (Long Island) with the asking price of $9,000.  unfortunately based on the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool optimistically falls just $800 below #2 “Excellent” appraisal of $9,800.  Strangely, the NADA Guides Online Classic Car Valuation Tool lists their “Low”, “Average”, and “High” retail value range much higher than Hagerty’s at $13,475, $29,260, and $56,870, respectively, so that’s likely what’s motivating the seller’s current pricing decision.  If you are serious about buying this Commuter, you can start the conversation by texting the seller at (631) 827-8102 and please mention you saw their listing featured here on

Ford’s now defunct Mercury Division produced the full-size Commuter station wagon in several forms from 1957 to 1968. When introduced for the 1957 model year it was priced below Mercury’s other two new full size wagons, the Voyager and the Colony Park. The 1960 model featured here relied on four-door pillar-less hardtop styling that would quickly fall out of favor in wagon design just few years later.  By 1960, a three-year-old recession combined with the miserable Edsel failure conspired to have the division teetering on the brink of being canceled.  A complete redesign of its full-size line in 1961 helped keep the division afloat.

Here’s a two-minute commercial trying to show off Mercury’s commitment to quality by taking thirteen then-new models through a rigorous ten-day, ten-thousand mile road test:

In his latest post, the seller has toned down the description from his original post:

“1960 Mercury commuter wagon. I found it in a barn a few years ago and put some work into it, just don’t have the time anymore. Car was parked for 30 years. It’s black, original paint as far as I can tell, with red interior. The seats are original, I replaced the carpet after replacing the floors and sound proofing all of it. It’s has a 383 MEL big block motor with a 3 speed automatic, all original. Power drum brakes all around with power steering. Front bench seat is power and rear hatch window is power. The car is not perfect but with a little love and money you could have a seriously rare cruiser. I had never seen one of these wagons having been to 100’s of car shows and swap meets over the last 20 years. This car is very rare. Feel free to contact me with any questions!”

Ahh, the infamous seller’s quote, “I know what I have and what it is worth.”  While we agree with the seller’s assessment his wagon is complete with a nice color combination and power options,  the bottom line is there’s a lot of rust repair in the quarter panels still needed as well as a good mechanical sorting to make this rare wagon road worthy again to be asking nine large for. So its only only worth that much if an actual buyer is willing to pay that amount.  Time will tell, especially in these unchartered times, whether it will happen quickly for this seller.  Good luck with the purchase!

Here’s the seller’s description:

“Up for sale is a 1960 Mercury Commuter Wagon. The car is black(original paint) with red interior(original seats, new carpet with sound deadener applied to floors). The car is complete and comes with extra parts, no chrome missing. It runs and drives, has a minor trans leak. Quarters are rotted, new quarters come with the car(i collected all original quarters from around the country). New floors are done. Power front bench seat and powers rear window, both rare options. The car is original and needs minor work to be a daily driver or throw in some airbags and a set of wheels for a truly rare head turner. Not looking for any tire kickers, please only serious buyers. I will not entertain low ballers. I know what I have and what it is worth. Available to show the car Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Text at sixthreeone eighttwoseven eightonezerotwo.

Do you have a Mercury Commuter story you’d like to share?  Comment below and let us know!

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  1. Analog Man

    Yeah, raising the price when a car doesn’t sell is always a great idea. Any seller that does that is one I personally avoid. It’s a sign to me that they’ll be too hard to deal with to be worth it.


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