Guess What Ride 28: What Do These Cars Have In Common?

GuessWhatRide is the game designed to test your collector car knowledge. Guess correctly and you could win a prize!  GuysWithRides ran GuessWhatRide 28 during the last two weeks of July 2020.

The picture above displayed the passenger side tail light closeups of four silver painted cars from 1981.  In addition to all four being silver and from 1981, what are two other words you can say these four cars have in common?  Similar to the old MatchGame Game Show, during the last two weeks of July 2020, we were looking for your answer to be in the form “blank” & “blank”.

The following picture shows the rear views of the four silver 1981 cars used for this contest:  Lancia Beta Zagato, Fiat Spider 2000, Fiat X 1/9, and a Ferrari 308 GTS.

The correct two words we were looking for were “Italian” and “Fiat.”  While its obvious to most once you recognize the cars that one word should be “Italian”, the Lancia Beta Zagato threw most people off course on this contest for two reasons.  First, not many correctly recognized the car and still fewer made the connection Lancia has been a division of Fiat since 1969.  While Ferrari is now an independent company following the FCA merger, in 1981 Fiat owned a 50% interest in the company.

Other notable word mentions and the reasons why we didn’t count them:

  • “Pininfarina” – while the Fiat Spider and Ferrari 308 GTS were penned by this design house, the Fiat X 1/9 came out of Bertone.
  • “Convertible” or “Targa” – a number of people entered either of these words.  While the Lancia, Ferrari, and X 1/9 are all considered Targa topped-cars, the Spider 2000 relies on a traditional folding mechanism.
  • “Sportscar” – many contestants entered “Sportscar” as a single word. A good guess, however the term is correctly written as two words “Sports Car”, so we did not accept these answers.
  • Anything Tail Light Related” – we used the passenger side tail lights as  a way for people to identify the cars and shortly after the start of the contest we hinted they had nothing to do with the two words we were after.

Honorable Mentions:

  • “Unreliable” and “Slow”
  • “Foreign” and “Slow”

After all was said and done, only four entries correctly guessed the two words “Italian” and “Fiat.”  Since this turned out to be a hard contest for so many, we’ve decided to award all four correct entries one Griots® Garage 11131 Car Care Starter Kit  – a $70 value! Congrats go out to readers Don W., Fred M., Mike E., and Kris H. for really knowing their cars!  All have been contacted via email to arrange for their shipment of the Griots detail set.

If you missed out on playing this edition of Guess What Ride, please check our home page for the latest contest!


Contest Rules:

  1. No purchase necessary.
  2. Only one entry per valid e-mail address.
  3. Offer valid only to residents of continental U.S.
  4. Only entries registered via the write-in answer contact form in this post will be entered into the drawing.
  5. In order to be accepted, entries must be in the form “blank” and “blank”.  For example, “1981 and Silver”
  6. No written replies in either the comments on this website or from Guys With Rides’ social media accounts will be accepted.
  7. On Saturday, August 1st, 2020 Guys With Rides will draw one winner from all of the correct entries.
  8. The winner will be contacted to obtain their snail mail address to have one Griots® Garage 11131 Car Care Starter Kit (a $70 value) shipped directly to their home via Amazon.  Once provided, Guys With Rides will purchase prize mentioned above through Prime who will then ship said prize as a gift to the winning entry.
  9. Neither Griots Garage nor Amazon sponsor or endorse this promotion.
  10. Immediate family and employees of Guys With Rides Exchange LLC are not eligible.
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  1. john shields

    look forward to viewing GWR every day, descriptions and details are excellent , brings back a lot of memories


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