Space 20: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS Survivor – SOLD!

Jul 2020 | Sold Cars

July 21st Update: We were pleased to learn Adam sold his Camaro to the next caretaker who bought it as a retirement present to himself! Even more important, he plans to continue preserving the Camaro as well as the previous owners have.  Good luck with the purchase!

First Generation Chevrolet Camaros offered a dizzying array of options and trim levels, some of which could overlap one another depending upon how many boxes the original owner checked on order sheet.  One of the more popular upgrades was the Rally Sport, or “RS”, trim package featuring a number of interior and exterior upgrades. offered this unique survivor quality Grecian Green over Gold Vinyl 1968 base Camaro equipped with the RS package with an asking price of $25,500.  We’ve seen this car in person and rate this Camaro a very strong #3 “Good” condition car that could easily be brought to a #2 level, and a check of the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool confirmed the current caretaker Adam had his car appropriately priced between the #2 “Excellent appraisal of $27,600 and the #3 “Good” estimate of $22,000, so it was no surprise to see this car find a new home.

This unique Grecian Gold 1968 Camaro is a 126K original mile base version equipped with the RS package and an original Deluxe Gold interior.  This Camaro has the distinction of being the very first F-Body sold that model year at Gray’s Chevrolet in Tannersville, Pennsylvania, which remains in business to this day.  The dealer had the car “Ziebarted” when new:  upon inspection, you’ll see the famous yellow plastic plugs along the rocker panels, door jambs and other hidden areas of the car.  While the Ziebart rust proofing gave this Camaro a good head start, preservation credit of this RS goes to the father and son who were the second and third owners, respectively.

Adam comments that since the factory literature states that the six-month-only Grecian Gold color could only be had with either the Parchment or Black interiors, this may be a COPO car, however to date he has not been able to verify that fact.  The original Protecto-O-Plate will be included in the sale.

The paint on Adam’s Camaro is mostly original save for the front fenders and top panel as the original owner did not like the bumble bee stripe and had it removed.  He also notes that all of the body panels have the correct factory date stamps and all numbers match.  In addition to having the complete owner history and the original Protect-O-Plate, Adam notes his Camaro still has the original floor and trunk mats.

As the pictures indicate, there is a small spot on the bottom of the passenger fender and my very weak magnets Adam used to show no bondo didn’t stick to the bottom of the driver fender.

The original owner did not like the black bumble bee stripe across the nose of the car several years after he bought it he had the stripe removed and the front fenders and header panel repainted. While the pictures illustrate how well the grill and headlight doors lineup and fit perfectly, Adam reports the doors currently do not function and are likely in need of a vacuum system rebuild.

While the Father-and-son second owners once installed an aftermarket four-barrel carburetor and an engine dress up kit, luckily they retained all of the original parts which the third owner used to return the original 327 cubic inch, 210 horsepower LF7 small block V8 back to like-new condition.  The original small block sends its power through a Horseshoe-controlled two-speed PowerGlide automatic transmission.

The unique Deluxe Gold vinyl RS interior presents as a 52 year-old survivor should be expected.  The headliner does show some signs of wear and is starting to split.  Oddly, the original dyes used on the backs of the low-rise Strato bucket seats have become discolored over time.

The second owners Father-and-son team once installed an AM FM cassette which sat on the console wrapped in a green towel and speakers under the dash, which Adam removed and reinstalled the original radio.  Adam reports the original AM radio is not working, but think it may need nothing more than a fuse.  The interior is completely original right down to the floor mats and is in excellent shape for the miles and the years. 

The truck appears as original with all of the correct equipment in place.

Currently relying on a set of Rally wheels, Adam sourced a correct set of four 14×6 JK Chevy Steel wheels 5 x 4 ¾ with the correct 3 5/8 inch back spacing that will be included as part of the sale.

The extensive set of undercarriage pictures provided proves how solid this Camaro is.  Also worth noting is that both the suspension and brake system received complete rebuilds under Adam’s detailed care.

This is a very unique Camaro RS that stands out from the typical sea of black and blue Z/28s and SS’s of this vintage.

  1. Space 20:  1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS Survivor – SOLD!

    Curious where the 68 has been driven. No rust with 125,000 miles is extremely difficult with 68 Camaro Metal. Is it really a 3 speed automatic thought all 210 hp 327’s were two speed powerglide. Thanks very nice car have a friend that may be interested.

    • Space 20:  1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS Survivor – SOLD!

      Sorry, our mistake: this Camaro is equipped with the factory two-speed PowerGlide. We’ve updated the post, so thank you for bringing this to our attention. While this Camaro has spent all if its life in the Northeast, the important distinction is the original owner had the car “Ziebarted” when new. if you’re not familiar with it, technicians would actually drill holes into hidden sections of various body panels to spray a patented rust-preventor in all of the crevices as well as the underbody. The yellow plugs shown in the rocker panel picture proves the Ziebart remains in place as well as the original paint.

    • Space 20:  1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS Survivor – SOLD!

      I’ll take it I’m a serious collector

  2. Space 20:  1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS Survivor – SOLD!

    I realize this car is sold, but if you still have photos, can you send me an up close photo of the sticker on the side of the air cleaner, and an up-close photo of the jacking instruction sticker inside the trunk? Thanks, in advance!



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