Where’s The Wood? 1948 Ford Woody Station Wagon Project – Sold?

Jul 2020 | Craigslist ClassiFINDS, Wagon Wednesday

September 22nd Update – While preparing our latest Wagon Wednesday features, we confirmed the latest listing for this 1948 Ford Woody without the wood body we first featured in February expired.  With no new listing found to replace it, we’re assuming this Woody project finally sold.  We will continue keeping an eye out to see whether the private seller relists this car.

July 21st Update: Another two months gone and one more fresh listing with the same asking price of $9,000. We’ve updated the link below. We note that one of our readers provides a source for someone who can recreate a body for this car.  With no wood or powertrain provided in the sale, given the extent of the restoration required this car makes the ideal candidate for a Woody-based restomod.

May 13th Update:  when we first featured this woodless Woody wagon at the end of February, we thought the seller might have trouble finding a buyer for this project car.  We’re not surprised we still see this car listed and the price not changed as even asking a fire sale price will likely not find a serious buyer for this car.  Perhaps more research at oldwoodies.com might find you a restorer with the skills needed to bring this Ford Woody back to life.  Good luck with the purchase!

If Clara Peller (the sweet little old lady in the famous Wendy’s 1980s ad campaign) were to see this Ford, we’re confident she would ask, “Where’s the wood?”  That’s the first thought that came to mind when we saw this 1948 Ford Super Deluxe “Woody” Station Wagon project first listed on Craigslist in February 2020 in Brockport, New York (Rochester) where the private seller continues asking a firm $9,000 for a Woody Wagon with no wood and no powertrain for that matter.  To keep things in perspective, the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool lists the #4 “Fair” (Daily Driver) estimate for these cars at  $41,000, so you have some upside to still break-even if you take the plunge and get this roller back to minimal roadworthiness.  However, as wildly popular as these models remained for many years, early indications are prices of these extremely hard to restore and maintain classics are on the decline.

As the seller alludes to, we struggle with how anyone, even an advanced woodworker, could have any chance of building a new body without another donor or restored car available to use as a template.  We’re not aware of anyone offering templates to recreate the body but please comment below and correct us if we’re wrong about that.  Since there is no flathead V8 powertrain or even a dashboard in place, we would go the Restomod route with this one and look for a donor Fox Body Mustang to supply the powertrain.  Whoever ends up buying this project, we hope they have a lot of experience restoring these cars from scratch.  Good luck with the purchase and God’s Speed building a new body!

Good luck with the purchase!

Here’s the seller’s description:

“You finish or combine the rotted one you have with this to make a good whole one.

This is a project I am selling for you or someone to finish, NOT a whole running car. If you have a 1941 to 1948 ford Woodie that has rotted sheet metal or LOTS of missing parts this may also be for you.
Body has been completely rebuilt. New floor and transmission tunnel, the upper rear floor is done with cold rolled steel and supports for it are welded underneath as original. New Smooth Firewall with 1 ½” set back. The Woodie only body number stamped in the upper left of the original firewall was removed from the old firewall and butt welded into the new one. Rocker boxes have been replaced. All captive nuts have been replaced for fender and running board mounts. The body has been bead blasted and painted in Epoxy Primer, the underside of the body has base coat and clear coat. Seam sealer is put in over the primer. Front, rear fenders as well as Hood, grille and front inner fender wells are as I got them and have not been refurbished. Running boards are very solid and painted and come WITH new rubber covers. The dash and gauges are missing. I have the 4 rear sliding window metal handles and one set of the sliding window locks. The tailgate hardware has been cleaned, bead blasted and primed. The tailgate latches do work, as do the handles although I have no keys for them.
The Crank Out wing vents has been rebuilt and stainless polished. All inside roof brackets have been cleaned, bead blasted and powder coated. All 4 door latches have been cleaned, bead blasted, and rebuilt. All door hinges have been bead blasted and are ready for paint, new door pins included. Window regulators all work, but are in need of reconditioning. The steering column has been cleaned, painted and comes with ignition key. The steering column lock does work. The spare tire bracket has been cleaned, bead blasted and powder coated. I have the front and second seat with the hand rail. The front seat may not be usable as there is rot within the frame. I do have all the glass to use as samples for new. I have the rain gutters; one is in 2 pieces and the other in 3 pieces. The front and rear bumpers are straight and in need of chroming. The rear bumper brackets come with the factory reinforcing brace for towing.
The frame has been cleaned, and painted. Kingpins replaced, and have the optional factory tube shocks front and rear which are new. The master cylinder, wheel cylinders, and rubber brake hoses are new. The brake lines are new stainless steel. The park brake cables are new. I have the spare tire surround, but am missing the donut cover. The tires have good rubber but are beginning to dry rot. Porta walls (white walls) are in usable condition. 2 spare tires are included.
I have all the stainless trim including the rear fenders pieces although the front fender stainless is dented. The other stainless is in good condition.

Do you have a Ford Woody you’d like to share?  Comment below and let us know!

  1. Sasha

    This guy does a full wood kit for this car for $20,000 Had been doing it for 30 years and is known all over for his great wook,,,,lead time is about 6 months call Sasha at 714 420 6581t

    • Guys with Rides

      Sasha, good to know! Thank you – we add that to the post shortly.

  2. Ron jones

    My 1948 ford woodie is listed on the National Woodie Club web site. All can see and get sellers info.

    • Guys with Rides

      Thanks Ron – very much appreciated!


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