Nassau Bluetiful: 1964 Chevrolet Corvette 327/365 4-Speed Convertible – SOLD!

Aug 2020 | Craigslist ClassiFINDS, Sports Car Saturday

September 18th Update – We just confirmed the private seller of this Mid-Year Corvette deleted their Craigslist earlier this week, so we’re calling this Corvette “Sold!”

You had me at Nassau Blue over white.  A 365 horsepower 327 cubic small block connected to a four speed manual only sweetens the deal. What’s that, you say?  It’s not the original color and the engine isn’t what the car came with from the factory?  Even better: now we can actually enjoy driving it!  That’s how we feel when we came across this 1964 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible listed recently on Craigslist in Manchester, Maryland with an asking price of $48,500.   Checking the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool confirms this private seller has his non-numbers matching Corvette priced $3,000 above the current #3 “Good” estimate of $45,500.

For 1964 Chevrolet made only evolutionary changes to Corvette. In addition to eliminating the coupe’s split window, stylists also eliminated the two simulated air intakes from the hood, though their indentations remained. The car’s rocker-panel trim lost some of its ribs and gained black paint between those ribs that remained. Standard wheel covers used a simplified design while the fuel filler/deck emblem gained concentric circles around its crossed-flags insignia. Inside, the original color-keyed steering wheel rim was now done in simulated walnut.

To improve the ride quality of the C2, Chevrolet engineers made several suspension refinements for 1964. Up front, they changed the coil springs from constant-to progressive-rate with a design more tightly wound at the top. In the rear, engineers tweaked the transverse leaf spring thickness to provide a more comfortable ride with no sacrifice in handling. The 1964 Corvette arrived with a new standard shock containing within its fluid reservoir a small bag of Freon gas designed to absorb heat. Chevrolet engineers added more sound insulation and revised body and transmission mounts and also fitted additional bushings to quiet the shift linkage and placed a new boot around the lever. The result was a more livable car for everyday transportation.

Drivetrain choices remained basically as before but the high-performance pair received several noteworthy improvements. The solid-lifter unit was driven with a high-lift, long-duration camshaft to produce 365 horsepower and breathed through a big four-barrel Holley carburetor instead of the base engine’s Carter unit.  Although transmission options remained ostensibly the same for 1964, the two Borg-Warner T-10 four-speeds gave way to a similar pair of gearboxes built at GM’s Muncie, Indiana, transmission facility. Originally a Chevrolet design, the Muncie design used an aluminum case like the Borg-Warners but came with stronger synchronizers and wider ratios for better durability and drivability. If enthusiast publications liked the first Sting Ray, they loved the 1964, though some writers noted the convertible’s tendency to rattle and shake on rough roads.  1964 Corvette brakes remained drum style at all four corners.  Sales of the 1964 Sting Ray reached 22,229 -— another new Corvette record, if up only a little from banner-year 1963. Coupe volume dropped to 8304 units, but convertible sales more than compensated, rising to 13,925.

Check out this dealer training filmstrip for the 1964 Corvette we came across on YouTube:

With a repaint in a stunning but non-original color and a replacement ’64 engine in the potent L76 configuration, you won’t be winning any Top Flight awards with this Corvette.  Besides the color, that’s what makes this car special as its something you can actually drive and enjoy.  Given this is the final year for drum brakes, we might consider an upgrade to four-wheel discs and a dual-circuit system for safety, but that’s the stuff for a solid winter project.  For now, just turn the key, get out, and enjoy this Corvette.  Good luck with the purchase!

Here’s the seller’s description:

“1964 corvette convertible, has 64 327-365 hp engine but not original, 4 speed, knock off wheels, red line tires and both tops. Repainted 1965-66 corvette Nassau Blue which is our favorite corvette color. Original, beautiful and rare black and white 2 tone interior. All re-chromed bumpers, recent new tail lights, shocks, brakes, master cylinder and exhaust. Highly detailed engine compartment. Believed to be a no hit body with perfect fits and alignment. Will be at Corvette Carlisle in the car corral if I still have it. Come look at it on my lift and drive, this is a beautiful car that drives as nice as it looks. Call Rod 443-744-2411. Thanks for looking.

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