Twin Stick Equipped: 1963 Rambler American 440 Convertible – SOLD!

Aug 2020 | Craigslist ClassiFINDS, Topless Thursday

September 9th Update – While updating our past Topless Thursday listings, we confirmed the Craigslist post for this Rambler expired, so with no replacement ad found so we’re calling this ragtop “Sold!”

Motor Trend Magazine named American Motor Corporation’s (“AMC”) entirely redesigned Rambler Classic line-up, not just one model, their “Car of The Year” recipient for 1963.  This “Twin-Stick” manual transmission-equipped restored 440 convertible we found recently on Craigslist in Avenel, New Jersey is a prime example of why.  With an asking price of $12,500, the NADA Guides Classic Car Online Valuation Tool as a guide confirms that falls at the lower end of the current “Low”, “Average”, and “High” retail value range of $7,785, $14,670, and $28,620, respectively.

Facing stiffer Big Three compact competition, AMC completely redesigned its Rambler line-up for the 1963 model year.  While the new subtle body sculpting was outgoing lead designer Edmund Anderson’s swan song, the ’63 Ramblers were also the first AMC models influenced by Richard Teague, the company’s new principal designer who replaced Anderson.  As the first all-new cars developed by AMC since 1956, by lengthening the wheelbase to 112 inches, the company was able to shorten and narrow the overall dimensions while retaining “family-sized” passenger and cargo room.

For 1963, model designations were changed once again with the 400 now called 440. An optional console shifted “Twin-Stick” manual overdrive transmission was introduced. This transmission has a bigger gap between 2nd and 3rd gears compared to the regular three-speed transmissions with overdrive (that operated like a five-speed although the driver needed to know the governor cut-in speed, free-wheeling, as well as when to lock the overdrive in or out). This allowed the transmission to be shifted as a five-speed (1, 2, 2+OD, 3, and 3+OD). The Twin-Stick-shift had the kick-down button on top of the main shift-knob to facilitate five-speed shifting.

Here is a dealer training film strip from 1963 detailing the features and benefits of the entire Rambler line that year:

We love the sheer simplicity of this Rambler as well as the fact it is restored with only the dashboard and non-working radio being the only things that will need attention at some point.  If you’re looking for an affordable classic four passenger American convertible that can easily fit in your garage, this AMC is worth a look. Good luck with the purchase!

Here’s the seller’s description:

“Hi i am selling my 1963 rambler american convertible . Who ever wins this car is getting a great car. The engine has recentley been rebuilt from the bottom up. The entire engine has been redone and includes the following:

new pistons and rings
rebalanced the crank and new bearings
cylinders have been rehoned
new oil pump
rebuilt engine cylinders including valves, springs,lifters and shaved.
Every gasket and bearing has been replaced
carberator was completly rebuilt
radiator has been recored
new plugs and wires including points, condenser and cap
new fluids
i am sure i forgot something but you get the idea.

Other items done as well

new fuel lines
new brake lines and new brakes
new hoses and belt
new stainless exhaust front to back

(i have included a close up picture of the block and as you can see its as new)

i dont have to tell you how great this car runs. As a matter of fact if you live in california you could easily drive this home. In addition, the entire transmission was rebuilt including all internal parts. The clutch,throw out bearing and presure plate were also replaced. Now for the important part, the overdrive was rebuilt and it works perfect. Believe me they never do.
Again this car runs and drives better then great. It starts right up everytime on the first turn. You can easily run this car down the road at 70mph with ease.

The gears shift smooth and of course ther the exterior is excellent. It was repainted 3 years ago and is very presentable. The paint is deep and shinny. It was done by a prossional shop and its a 2 stage paint job with alot of clear.the car was originally gold and it was repainted a nicer gold metallic. I dont see any signs of bondo although i would think there is some. My point is the panels are straight and probably beter than when new. There is a couple bubbles on bottom of trunk lid and a couple on the bottom of passenger door. They are the size of a pencil eraser. I am mentioing it to be honest but i assure you they are minor. I can forward pictures as well. The top is new. It was replaced last yar and that includes the back window. Its perfect. All the chrome is there and also in excellent condition. The bumpers were redone 3 years ago and have held up excellent. All the stainless is there and most of it is excellent. There is some pitting on some of it but not much.

The interior is really nice. There are no rips or tears in the upholstrey. The seats are near perfect. The vynal is soft and full. The door panels are clean and free of any tears. The same goes for the rear side panels and the kick panels. The console and dash are original and in nice original shape. The top dash pad has a couple splits in it around the radio speaker. The car retains its original radio but it does not work. All the rest of the gages work as they should including the spedo.

The last 3 pictures include pictures of the front floor,rear floor and trunk. As you can see they have been replaced and show as new. The underside only has surface rust and is in great shape. The door bottoms are rust free and very clean.e is no grinding. There is of course no fluid leaks and not a drop of smoke.

I am asking 12500 obo and am open to trades. Please be serious. My name is david 856-308-6508.”

Do you have a Rambler Twin Stick story you’d like to share?  Comment below and let us know!


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