Two’s A Crowd: 1952 MGTD 36K Mile Survivor – SOLD!

Aug 2020 | Craigslist ClassiFINDS, Sports Car Saturday

September 18th Update – While updating our Sports Car database, we confirmed the original list for this ’52 MGTD expired.  With no other new listing found to replace it, we’re assuming this MG is now sold.

Some problems are good ones to have. In the case of the private seller of this 1952 MG TD listed recently on Craigslist in Sylvan Beach, New York (Oneida Lake region), he also owns a TD Mk II but only has room for one.  Promoted as a 36K original mile survivor, the private seller currently has this MGTD listed for $15,800. Comparing this price against the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool confirms this private seller has his TD priced between the #2 “Excellent” appraisal of $22,700 and the #3 “Good” estimate of $14,600.

Developed in only two weeks, Morris Garages (“MG”) the TC’s drivetrain, a modified hypoid-geared rear axle, the MG Y-type chassis, a familiar T-type style body, and the independent suspension on front axle using coil springs from the MG Y-type saloon to launch the MG TD specifically aimed at the American market. In addition to rack and pinion steering, the TD featured smaller 15-inch disc type road wheels, a left-hand drive option and standard equipment bumpers and over-riders. The car was also five inches wider with a track of 50 inches. At the time, it was seen by enthusiasts as a disappointment designed to appease American tastes.  For the driver the “all-weather protection” was good by the standards of the time.  While there was still no fuel gauge, the 14.5 gallon tank provided a range about 300 miles and a green light on the facia flashed a “warning” when the fuel level was down to its last three gallons.

MG produced nearly 30,000 TDs when the series ended in 1953 with all but 1,656 exported and 23,488 of them making it to the US.  The main complaint American owners had with the MG TD sold in the US was the British 12-volt electrical system, which was hard to service when most US cars were still using 6 volts. Also, they had minor complaints over the lack of water temperature and fuel gauges.

In August 2012, Hagerty Insurance published this Buyer’s Guide that provides a nice history of the TC, TD, and TF models as well as what to look for when buying one.

We came across this interesting five-minute montage showing MGTDs used in various movies:

We like the seller’s description his low mileage survivor “can be used and enjoyed now.” As long as don’t come across any structural issues underneath during your in-person inspection, this TD has the makings to be a classic addition to your garage. Good luck with the purchase!

Here’s the seller’s description:

“1952 MG TD, excellent running condition, can be used and enjoyed now. It is white with black interior.
The interior is in good condition and exterior paint is fair. With just 36,000 miles and being all original it is a great car to have and drive. It was primarily in PA and the frame, wood, and body are in great condition. The engine has been fine tuned and really does purr. Paint and interior are ok, they can be restored or left as is. In short it is a great driver. Buy it and drive it now. I have another TD (a TD II) and cannot keep both.

Do you have an MG TD story you’d like to share?  Comment below and let us know!


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