Overexposed: 1960 MG MGA 1600 Mk I – SOLD!

Aug 2020 | Classifinds, Sports Car Saturday

August 28th Update – While updating our Sports Car Saturday database we confirmed the seller of this white over red MGA we first featured in the middle of August deleted their listing.  Consequently, we’re calling this one “Sold!”

From a styling standpoint, the MGA remains our favorite of all of the MG cars produced in Morris Garages.  We’re fighting the urge to make room in our garage for this white over red example listed on Craiglist in Amherst, New York (Buffalo). The third owner dating back to the 1960s has decided to sell his MGA with a very attractive price of $12,000.  Comparing this price against the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool confirms this private seller has his MGA priced between the #3 “Good” appraisal of $16,800 and the #4 “Fair” (Daily Driver) estimate of $8,900.

When MG designer Syd Enever created a streamlined body for George Philips’ TD Le Mans car in 1951, little did he know his creation would become the genesis for the new MGA launched for the 1956 model year. The new bodywork traded the MG TF’s articulated fenders and running boards for ponton styling, with a single styled envelope fully enclosing the width and uninterrupted length of a car.

The MGA’s predecessor, the TF, featured a high driver seating position with dated tractor-like ride and handling that was quickly falling out of favor with enthusiasts and as a result, sales began to decline.  Consequently, this new design was so different from the older MG models it was called the MGA, the “first of a new line” to quote the contemporary advertising. There was also a new engine available, therefore the car did not have the originally intended XPAG unit but was fitted with the BMC B-series engine allowing a lower hood line. From a styling standpoint, its worth noting the MGA convertible such as the example featured here had no exterior door handles, while coupe versions did.

MGA’s relied on a body-on-frame design and used the inline four cylinder “B series” engine from MG’s Magnette sedan driving the rear wheels through a four-speed gearbox. MGA’s feature an independent front suspension utilizing coil springs and wishbones while a rigid axle with semi-elliptic springs supports the rear of the car. Steering was by rack and pinion. Buyers had their choice of either steel-disc road wheels of theThe car was available with either wire-spoked “knock-offs” such as the example here features.

MGAs remain ideal first collector cars. They’re affordable, simple to work on, rugged and attractive. Parts are readily available and moderately priced.  The September 2008 Hemmings Motor New’s Buyer’s Guide for the 1956-1962 MGA remains a great resource to help familiarize yourself with these cars and what to look for.

Here’s a vintage MG spot bragging about the MGA’s abilities at LeMan in 1955. Currently posted on youTube by King Rose Archives:

When we first discovered this post earlier this week, white over red color combination on this MGA combined with bright sunlight conspired for an initial set of over-exposed pictures.  By the time we prepared this post, the seller appears to have replaced those pictures with a better set.  We only wish there were more details of the interior and engine compartment.  With the current caretaker maintaining this MGA since the 1960s, we’d love to hear the stories John has about everything he’s done with this MGA over the years.  Factory equipped with a 1600 cc engine, you’ll need to confirm with the seller the details of the 1800cc that is fitted now. As long as your in-person inspection doesn’t doesn’t reveal any hidden structural problems underneath, this MGA appears to be a great driver-quality car you can enjoy as is.  Good luck with the purchase!

Here’s the seller’s description:

“1960 MGA – Good condition Sunday Driver and perfect for a new owner who likes to tinker – 1800 3 main engine – probably less than 15K on a years old rebuild – priced well below market (check Hemmings). Extra parts and literature included. I’m the third owner since the 60’s! Call – lets talk cars.

Do you have an MGA story you’d like to share?  Comment below and let us know!


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