Guys With Their Rides 23: John And His 1981 C10 Stepside

Aug 2020 | Guys And Their Rides

We believe there is a story under every hood and we love hearing every one of them!  Our latest Guys With Their Rides story comes from John in Scott, Louisiana who shared his 1981 Chevrolet C10 Stepside over the weekend.

Here’s what John wrote:

When I was younger these trucks were all over the place. I thought they were so cool. My mother passed in 2017. I wanted a vehicle that I could use to occupy my time. I started looking for a stepside to tinker with and fix up. I began looking along with my wife and a mechanic friend of mine. After a couple of let downs I had kind of slowed the search down. While I was speaking with my mechanic friend who was letting me know another truck didn’t measure up I said,”Well like my wife says God has a better one for me out there.” Boy did he. Before I could finish that phrase a beautiful 81 c10 rolls into a gas station and of course I followed it in. Needless to say the rest is history.

Thanks for sharing John!

What’s your story?  If you have a story under your hood submit it on our Guys With Their Rides  page today and when you do, we’ll send you free GuysWithRides T-Shirt along with some other free merch!


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