Nothing Wrong: 1969 Dodge Polara 500 Convertible – Sold?

Sep 2020 | Classifinds, Topless Thursday

September 30th Update – While preparing for our latest Topless Thursday features, we confirmed the Craigslist ad for this ’69 Dodge Polara expired during the past week.  With no replacement listing found, we’re calling this Dodge “Sold?” and assume the seller found a new caretaker for their car.

We’ve seen our share of brief descriptions in Craigslist Ads, but the private seller’s four-word description of their 1969 Dodge Polara Convertible just listed recently on Craigslist in Saddle Brook, New Jersey takes it to a new level. In this case, however, the pictures speak for themselves as this appears to be a driver quality convertible offered for $13,000.  Comparing this price against the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool confirms this private seller has his Polara priced between the #2 “Excellent” appraisal of $23,000 and the #3 “Good” estimate of $11,800.  As a second point of reference, the asking price falls between the Collector Car Market Review’s   #3 “Very Good” estimate of $11,700 and the #2 “Excellent” appraisal of $20,000. 

Introduced in 1960, the Polara line became Dodge’s top of the line model through most of the sixties and early seventies.  The name Polara is a reference to the Polaris star, in a marketing attempt to appeal to the excitement surrounding the Space Race during the early 1960s. The Polara competed against Ford’s Galaxie 500 and Chevrolet’s Impala.

Redesigned for 1969, Dodge’s Polara lineup wore a broad-shouldered streamlined design called the “Fuselage Design”, which would continue for the next five model years. New safety requirements included front seat head restraints.  For 1969, the Polara 500 was reintroduced as a mid-level series between the standard Polara and top-of-the-line Monaco. The Polara 500 was available as either a convertible or hardtop coupe. Available powerplants included 318, 383, and 440 cubic-inch V8 engines.  

Here’s a 1969 Dodge Polar commercial posted on the Cars & Stripes YouTube Channel:

This is one of those situations where you will really have to interview the private seller thoroughly to understand this Polar’s history and its true condition.  Though we don’t know the V8’s displacement, we like how well detailed the engine compartment is.  We also like how the seller installed a floor-mounted modern stereo rather than hacking up the dashboard and door panels.  Based on the pictures provided this appears to be a great, full-size Mopar cruiser.  Good luck with the purchase!

Here’s the seller’s very brief description:

“Good condition nothing wrong.

Do you have a Dodge Polara story you’d like to share?  Comment below and let us know!

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  1. Mike G

    Likely a 318. The engine offerings in a 69 Polara were a 225 Slant 6, a 318 V8, a 383 V8 and a 440 V8. Its obviously not a Slant 6 and the “big block” distributor was up front. The 1969 CHP used 440 Polaras. Its been said that was the fastest production Police vehicle. A little trivia: The 69 C body MOPARs had the ignition cylinder on the left side of the steering column. A veteran Supervisor I worked with had a 69 Plymouth Fury (former) NYS Police car. He always said “that’s the only car with the ignition switch where it belongs”.


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