Remember Me? 1977 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser – Sold?

Sep 2020 | Classifinds, Wagon Wednesday

December 8th Update – We just confirmed the Craigslist ad for this ride expired and with no replacement listing found, we’re assuming this car sold.  This one may have got away, but if you have your heart set on something similar, email us the details of what you’re looking for or call Rudy directly at (908)295-7330.

September 23rd Update – If you’ve been following for a while now, this 1977 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser might look familiar.  That’s because back in May we first featured the car for sale in Southwick, Massachusetts for $5,500. It wasn’t very long after we first featured this red wagon when we confirmed it had been sold.

Fast forward to now and imagine our surprise when we came across a new listing on Craigslist in Bolton, Vermont where the latest caretaker is asking $7,500 for it.  Normally, it’s not uncommon to find similar-looking cars that turn out to be much different, however in this case the unique black five-spoke aftermarket wheels shod with redline tires was a dead give-away this Olds was in fact the same car.  The new caretaker indicates he “Purchased this vehicle to use as a swap-meet vehicle, to find out I really need an old pickup truck.”

Here’s our original May post for this car:

In Southwick, Massachusetts you can find this 1977 red over red Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser Station Wagon recently listed on Craigslist where the private seller asked $5,500 for it.  The NADA Guides Online Valuation Tool currently lists its “Low”, “Average”, and “High” value range for these cars at $2,500, $6,875, and $12,050, respectively, so we believe the seller has his Custom Cruiser smartly priced.

Oldsmobile redesigned its second-generation Custom Cruiser station for 1977 as part of GM’s downsizing program for all B- and C-Body full-size cars that year.  In the redesign, the Custom Cruiser shed 14 inches in length, 11 inches of wheelbase, and up to 900 pounds of curb weight.  The new wagon saw a change to a lighter weight two-way tailgate replacing the complicated and heavy clamshell design of the prior model.  Wagons such as this example also share the same full-coil spring suspension as their sedan counterparts, rather than the multi-leaf springs found on 1971-76 Safaris. The current caretaker is quick to point out his Custom Cruiser is always stored indoors and never taken out during the winter months, thus the body and interior remain excellent.

Last summer, YouTube car reviewer Doug Demuro reviewed a mid-eighties version of the Custom Cruiser which received only minor changes in the eight model years following the example featured here:

Included in the sale of this well-optioned example are service records as well as many spare parts, owner’s manual, and original dealer brochures.  Equipped with the Oldsmobile-sourced 350 cubic inch V8 topped with a four-barrel carburetor, performance should be reliably adequate.  If everything checks out during your in-person inspection, this could be a fun and comfortable wagon to take the entire family to the car show of your choice.

Here’s the current seller’s description.  We’ve also added their latest pictures to this post.

Selling my 1977 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser Wagon. I purchased this vehicle to use as a swap-meet vehicle, to find out I really need an old pickup truck. This car runs and drives awesome, It has a 350 Rocket engine, and the car has a lot of new parts. Comes with extra parts also. This car is not perfect as it is 43 years old, just a fun old car to drive. She turns a lot of heads going down the highway and strikes up a lot of conversation wherever we go. Asking $7500.00 or will trade even up for old Chevy pickup (older than 1980) of equal value…

Here’s the original seller’s description:

“1977 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser wagon with a 350 4 barrel equipped original engine that runs well.
It’s the factory Oldsmobile firethorn red with the blood red interior.
The vehicle has factory a/c(upgraded to R134a), tilt wheel. power windows, cruise control, functioning 8 track player, power rear tailgate window etc…
It’s never been wrecked and the body doesn’t have any rust.
It was ordered with the third seat delete and roof rack delete.
Very good condition, interior is in great shape, and is currently registered.
Always garaged and never driven in the winter.
It had a new radiator, thermostat, coolant flush, transmission service(fluid and filter) and heater core installed just before I put it away in October.
Includes many spare manuals, service records, and other original oldsmobile parts.
I just had it serviced for the summer including oil change, air filter change, plugs, plug wires, distributor cap/ rotor, 5 new redline radial tires(including spare), new rims, etc…
Due to it’s age, it will be sold with a bill of sale and a copy of the present registration.
Price is 5500.00
Cash only!
No trades, 3rd party/Nigerian/friend’s stimulus checks, or other craigslist scams.
No storage till the pandemic ends or me paying to ship the vehicle to you.
Just selling it to make room for other vehicles.
I don’t have to sell it due to any cova-19 money problems either. so that buying tactic won’t work.

Thanks for looking and be safe!

Do you have an Olds Custom Cruiser story you’d like to share?  Comment below and let us know!

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  1. Remember Me? 1977 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser – Sold?

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