Can’t Make This Up: 1964 Ford Thunderbird Convertible – NOW $38,000

Oct 2020 | Classifinds, Topless Thursday

October 21st Update – In this private seller’s latest bizarre move, his still-unsold-after-eleven-months ’64 Thunderbird now has its latest in a series of fresh Craigslist Ads.  In this latest one, the private seller once again raised his asking price $3,000 to $38,000. If there wasn’t a phone number provided in the ad, we would start thinking this might be a scam, but that’s not the case.  We may try to call them today to see how flexible they are on the price.

October 8th Update – We’ve watched the private seller of this gorgeous ’64 Thunderbird convertible continues to ask simply too much for his car for ten months now.  After asking $38,000 for the past several months, they just lowered their price to $35,000 with the comment “must sell.”  The Collector Car Market Review Online Valuation Tool currently lists their #1 value for non-air-conditioned examples at $32,400.  Knowing the car has been for sale for so long, we wonder whether an offer of $30,000 would make you the next owner.

July 29th Update:  Just when we thought this 1964 Ford Thunderbird we originally featured just before Christmas 2019 had finally sold, we came across a new listing where the private seller is now back down to $38,000.  For reasons unclear to us, the price bubble for Flair Birds such as this example has fallen off a cliff year-to-date according to the Hagerty price guide, so the latest ask is now $1,000 higher than the current #1 Concours estimate.

February 13th Update – another three weeks have passed and we just noticed a fresh listing for this 1964 Thunderbird convertible with the price raised back up to $39,500 with additional pictures, including one of what appears to be a sports roadster tonneau to cover the rear seats.  We’ve updated the links and descriptions where needed below.  Good luck with the purchase!

January 30th Update – another month has passed and we just noticed a fresh listing for this 1964 Thunderbird convertible with the price lowered again to $37,500.  We’ve updated the links and descriptions where needed below.  Good luck with the purchase!

December 26th Update – after first featuring this Flair Bird convertible just last week at $46,000, we noticed the private seller already updated his listing with a revised price of $39,500.  We’ll keep an eye out on this one to see if he lowers it again soon!

In our humble opinion, the mid-sixties Ford Thunderbird convertible is arguably one of the cleanest top-down designs ever produced, and the example we came across here on here on Craigslist in nearby Whitehouse Station, New Jersey exemplifies that.  The current caretaker now has their “Flair Bird” priced in their latest post at $35,000, which based on the current Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool confirms they now have it priced $2,000 less than the #1 “Excellent” estimate of $37,000. If you are serious about purchasing what appears to be an excellent condition Thunderbird, you start the conversation with the private seller Demetrio by calling him at (732) 735-6645.  If you do, remind him that he’s had a previous post at $37,500 and start the negotiation from there.

Ford introduced the fourth generation of its Thunderbird personal luxury car for 1964 and produced it through 1966.  Despite only a three-year model run for this generation, Ford elected to make a number of changes for 1966 to keep the T-Bird competitive in the fast-growing personal luxury segment.  Highlights for 1966 included a new egg-crate style grille with a large Thunderbird emblem at its center and a single-blade front bumper.  Designers restyled the rear bumper with new full-width tail lamps that continued the cool-to-this-day sequential turn signals.  Under the hood, Ford upped the standard engine to a  390 cubic inch (6.4 Liter) V8 equipped with a single four-barrel carburetor producing 315 horsepower. While the unique Town Landau hardtop accounted for over half of all sales, the convertible continued to use the tuck-in-the-trunk design that made the top-down look of these cars so clean.  Sadly, many consider 1966 to be the last classic Thunderbird as it was the final year for unibody construction and the convertible model until 2003.

We absolutely love this Flair Bird and believe it will not disappoint when seen in person.  The Kelsey-Hayes wire wheels look fantastic on these cars.  While air conditioning was a popular option on coupes and Town Landaus, we’re not surprised to see this convertible not optioned with it.  Two things about this post strike us as odd. First, there’s a picture of this Thunderbird in what appears to be someone’s living room.  We’re dying to hear that story.  Second, the seller states “this car will be available for sale soon.”  We’re not sure why someone would post something for sale when it’s not yet available for sale, so please let us know what the story is with that.  Otherwise, if everything else checks out and you can successfully negotiate the price down slightly closer to the #2 “Excellent” level, you’ll have a beautiful personal luxury convertible that will earn you positive responses wherever you drive it. Good luck with the purchase!

Here’s the seller’s latest brief description:

Beautiful car must sell at $38,000 Calls Only show contact info
Text Emails just Deleted

Here’s the seller’s December description:

“Beautiful 1964 Thunderbird convertible. Cars professionally painted with a deep burgundy paint is 90% flawless. Has a new convertible top. New front and rear bumper and subframes. Black roll impleaded interior with new carpeting. All electric windows electric seats, tilt the way steering wheel in very good condition. New whitewall radial tires mounted on spoke wire wheels wire wheels to be in fair condition. Under the hood 390 V-8 and automatic transmission runs strong. 

Do you have a Thunderbird story you’d like to share?  Comment below and let us know!

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