Special Forces Edition: 1994 AM General Humvee M998 – Sold?

Nov 2020 | All Other Rides, Classifinds

There are few vehicles that conjure up images of strength and power like an AM General Hummer does, especially when one has the credentials of being the exact spec used by our military’s Special Forces division. This 1994 AM General M998 Military Humvee was listed originally listed in November 2020 on Craigslist in the Hudson Valley region of New York State with the rarely seen ground-to-ground and ground-to-air radios still installed. According to the NADA Price Guide, the seller has priced this very authentic Humvee fairly with an ask of $29,999, and NADA pegging the “Average” retail price at $40,200.

The practice of owning and driving a genuine Humvee – or Hummer, as pop culture has deemed it be named – took off when the vehicle’s inability to withstand an evolving battlefield loaded with IEDs and land mines became readily apparent. While still used on military installations worldwide, it’s time had come to be replaced on the battlefield by a new transporter with greater blast resistance. That’s when you began to see the M998 become a civilian vehicle, used to pound suburban streets, and scare soccer moms into submission. Neighborhood antics aside, the Humvee represents an exceptional value for a highly durable, off-road capable machine that – while featuring absolutely nothing in the way of creature comforts – is one of the most overbuilt vehicles a civilian can buy.

Here’s a video of YouTuber James Pomphrey doing an “Up to Speed” video on the history of the AM General Hummer on the Donut Media channel:

When it comes to spec’ing a Humvee out just the way you want it, the sky is seemingly the limit. They were made in any number of configurations, from hardtop four-door to softtops to weapons launchers to ambulances. While they are easy to buy, and usually fairly affordable, there’s loads of red tape involved in getting an ex-military vehicle titled and insured. This seller has already dealt with that painful process, so his M998 is sold with a clean New York State title. It also features loads of authentic details, from the swing-out machine gun mounts (complete with dummy M249/M60E6 machine guns) to a full David Clark military headsets/intercom system. Maintenance-wise, the list is too long to repeat here, but it includes a new water pump, clutch fan, belts, axles, and more, and military-grade run-flat tires with 2,000 miles of use. It’s not cheap, but there’s a lot of heavy lifting done. Good luck with Humvee if you decide to buy it – you’ll make America proud if you do!

Here’s the seller’s description:

“For Sale 1994 M998 HMMWV Forward Air Control HumV. This is a special forces version of the humv. Has full working military VRC-12 Ground to Ground Radios, and full working PRC-113 Ground to Air radios. Have SatCom Radios (extra price above sale if interested.) this is a very RARE humv. You dont find them this clean, low miles, and radio equipped.

Also has proper swing out machine gun mounts, and dummy M249/M60E6 machine guns. Special forces GMV Cargo Side Rail system. Luverne Push Bumper. New soft top and doors. Brand new Axle/shafts all 4 corners. New Radiator hoses, new water pump, clutch fan, and belts. Aftermarket Jeep seats (mil humv seats are terrible. This truck drives pin straight and stops on a dime.
24k miles, great camo paint, body mint, clean no rust, under carriage MINT! No leaks.

Interior MINT! Has full David Clark Military Headsets/Intercom System (4 place). Has brand new Military Baja TA tires (500 miles on them) and a complete mounted spare set of Military NDT tires with 2k miles on them (run flats installed).

This truck turns heads and speaks for itself. Won several 1st place trophies at car shows. Have other spares with it, and receipts. Meet my price and I will throw in a 2k $ .50 caliber dummy machine gun. 6.2 lt diesel, 3 speed trans. Clean NYS title (thats right I did the hard work, you get to register/drive it no problem).

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