Town & Country Cruiser: 1985 Chrysler LeBaron – Sold?

Dec 2020 | Classifinds, Topless Thursday

January 7th, 2021 Update – We just confirmed the Craigslist ad for this ride expired. With no replacement listing found, we’re assuming this car sold.  This one may have got away, but if you have your heart set on something similar, email us the details of what you’re looking for or call Rudy directly at (908)295-7330.

Rarely does a car seemingly exist as both the brunt of a joke and a much-loved classic that has staunch defenders across multiple age demographics. That’s certainly the case with the surprisingly iconic Chrysler LeBaron convertible, which has withstood being mocked in film and on television to become the sort of entry-level classic everyone can appreciate. This clean 1985 LeBaron convertible originally listed in December 2020 on Craigslist in Cape Coral, Florida is an unrestored example with all the bells and whistles Chrysler was throwing at its top-end models in the late 80s. The seller is asking a reasonable $5,900 for the Chrysler, which is a market-correct ask despite the NADA Price Guide listing a top-condition model as being worth $2,775.  As we’ve said before, you can’t always go by the book for rad-era classics, and this LeBaron is a prime example of that discrepancy.

The Chrysler K-Car is often seen as a bit of a laughingstock, as it was always portrayed as the cheap, down-on-your-luck vehicle that you drove when life handed you enough lemons that opening a lemonade stand could be a profitable venture. The truth is the K platform actually helped the company dig out from the debt that comes with a government loan, the size of which only comes about when bankruptcy looms large. And to Chrysler’s credit, they didn’t slouch when it came to building numerous models off of one platform, some of which were loaded up with options and drivetrains that made them quite compelling. Turbocharged models were quite popular, along with examples like this convertible that featured woodgrain trim that harkened back to the glory days of big Chrysler convertibles loaded up on luxury and length.

Who can forget Lee Iacoccoa’s famous commercials for the Town & Country K-Car based line-up:

One of the blurred lines of the LeBaron lineup is when to call a model a true “Town & Country” versus a standard LeBaron. Many of these simulated wood-clad convertibles are simply listed as LeBarons, like this car, but the paneling usually flagged it as a Town & Country. This car is almost certainly a genuine T&C, as it also sports the upgraded Mark Cross leather interior, which typically went hand-in-hand with the fake wood trim going down the sides. Speaking of which, the wood trim here appears to be in reasonable shape, and the two-tone leather interior looks quite sharp as well. The LeBaron of this generation came with a digital gauge cluster and “Message Center”, which would remind drivers if the lights were left one or a door was ajar. The seller notes the LeBaron has under 50,000 original miles and comes with a new top, brakes, and tires, and that the air conditioning still blows ice cold. A 1985 LeBaron may never win Pebble Beach, but it’s certainly not the joke it’s portrayed to be. Good luck with the purchase if you decide to pursue this wood-clad convertible!

Here’s the seller’s description:

“Real classic 1985 Chrysler LeBaron woody convertible, very low miles only 45k original miles, very rare and collectible classic, all original, new top, brakes Michelin tires, AC blows cold, drives excellent and smooth. Not many left fun weekend car turns head, very nice original shape.

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