Classifind Cut: 1966 Dodge D200 Camper Special Four-Door Project – Sold?

Jan 2021 | Classifind Cut, Classifinds, Truckin Tuesday

February 15, 2021 Update – We just confirmed the listing for this “Classifind” expired, so with no replacement found we’re assuming this ride “Sold?” While this one got away, please reach out either by email or call Rudy directly if you’d like to be informed when we come across something similar.

Look around and you’ll notice the vast majority of modern pickup trucks are four doors.  To keep the overall length manageable, manufacturers make the cargo box shorter (typically six- rather than eight feet long) as a trade-off.  This wasn’t always the case.  In prior decades, a four-door “Crew Cab” pickup was a rare site typically reserved for highway construction crews and other commercial uses.  These trucks were often spotted with full-size cargo beds to back up their strictly commercial intentions.  There are always exceptions to the rule and this 1966 Dodge D200 Sweptline Four-Door pickup originally listedon Craigslist in January 2021 in Holderness, New Hampshire has several. First, it’s a documented 3/4 ton Camper Special, so it’s very likely the original owner wanted the cab for their family to ride in while the bed held their camper for weekend jaunts to the wilderness.  Backing up the original civilian intentions of this truck is the rare, dashboard-mounted automatic shifter controlling a TorqueFlite automatic.  This is a very rusty but complete project with a lot of potential currently offered for $3,500.  Comparing that price against the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool confirms the private seller has their D200 priced below this guide’s #4 “Fair” (Daily Driver) estimate of $5,600.

A somewhat over-the-top trend currently is the proliferation of custom four-door restomod trucks where the builders actually graft two vintage cabs to form a four-door version.  Why go through that hassle when this is a great base to just repair the rusty sheet metal with readily available patch panels. While you are it, swap out the vintage 318 V8 with a modern Hemi unit for some seriously long fun. 

Here’s the seller’s description:

“I am selling a 1966 Dodge Camper Special. Its a D200 , 3/4 ton two wheel pickup. It is rare to have the 8 foot box with the 4 door cab. It has a 318 and auto tranny, not running. It has rust but still savable . They make the body panels to repair it. The tranny shifter is on the dash.

Restore or Restomod: what would you do with this rare Dodge?  Comment below and let us know!


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