Blue Flame V8: 1965 Chevrolet El Camino Mild Custom – NOW $15,500

February 22, 2021 Update – Long-time Guys With Rides followers may remember we first featured this custom ’65 El Camino way back in October 2019 when the seller originally asked $23,000. At that point, the seller described the car as having a 355 cubic / 425 horsepower motor. Now they state the car has a 350 cubic inch small block topped with a four-barrel carburetor. We love the color and the look of this El Camino, and now the price is much nicer than the original ask.  If interested, you can find it here on Craigslist in Newington, Connecticut for $15,500.  Good luck with the purchase!

May 19, 2020 Update:  fast forward another six weeks, and despite no sale during that time, the seller posted a fresh listing with no change is his asking price thus far.  With a fresh motor (only 1,000 miles), rebuilt automatic transmission, and a refreshed front suspension, this El Camino appears ready for the summer cruise season as social distancing restrictions continue to ease. 

March 31, 2020 Update:  when we first featured this cool blue ’65 El Camino back on October 8, 2019, the private seller wanted $23,000.  Apparently, he wasn’t able to sell their Ute last fall as we just came across this fresh post with a price lowered to $21,500.

Listed on Craigslist in Newington, Connecticut is this mildly customized bright blue 1965  Chevrolet El Camino the private seller is now asking $21,500, which relying on the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool as a guide means its currently priced $100 higher than the #2 “Excellent” level of $21,400.

After a four-year model hiatus and seeing Ford’s success with a Falcon-based Ranchero, in 1964 Chevrolet reintroduced an all-new, mid-size El Camino based on the new Chevelle. The 1964 El Camino relied on the Chevelle’s two-door wagon architecture forward of the B-pillars and carried both “Chevelle” and “El Camino” badges. Unlike the Chevelle however, Chevrolet initially marketed its new El Camino as a utility model so at the time the biggest engine available was the 327 cubic inch small block V8.  El Caminos also featured fully boxed frame rails and came standard with rear air shocks.

The private seller states his El Camino is a “Z” code California-built model, hinting that it spent most of its life in the dry west, although you’ll need to confirm that with him.  In addition to the cool blue-with-silver flame paint job, this El Camino features a freshly built 355 cubic inch small block producing 425 horsepower backed by a TurboHydramatic 350 automatic transmission equipped with a shift kit and a 2400-2600 RPM stall speed torque converter.  This setup sends power to 3.08:1, PosiTraction 12 bolt rear axle.  The seller reports his El Camino benefits from a recent front-end rebuild featuring a one-inch drop that really sets off a nice rake on this example.

Equipped with power front disc brakes and power steering, this El Camino will make a nice cruiser and with its black coating lined bed, you can actually use it to haul stuff with little fear of damaging it.  Good luck with the purchase!

Here is the seller’s description:

“1965 El Camino “Z” code California built car. 355/425 hp, balanced, Edelbrock top end kit. Engine has less than 500 miles on it, rebuilt TH350 with shift kit and 2400-2600 stall converter, 3.08 posi 12 bolt rear. Recent front end rebuild with a 1” drop, front disk, rear drum, ps, pb. No trades please, for more info please email reply through CL and I will call you back.”

We’d love to hear your thoughts about this vehicle.  Comment below and let us know!

  1. Stovebolt

    The article says it’s a 355 cu in with a 350 turbo automatic but the pictures show it’s a stick shift. Which is it?

    • Guys with Rides


      Wow, great catch. We just posted a new interior photo from the seller’s current listing and while its clear when compared to the original interior shot from last fall’s post its the same car, the floor shift has been converted from a manual to an automatic. Normally when we post an update on a previously posted feature car, not much has changed. However in this case its clear the transmission has been changed out, but only the seller can provide the details of why and when.

      I appreciate you keeping us honest! As a thank you, if you’re interested please send me your mailing address and T-Shirt size to [email protected] and we’ll send you a shirt and some stickers. Thanks! Rudy

      • Anonymous

        Hey no problem! I was glad to be able to point out something worthwhile. My email is [email protected] and my shirt size is XL. Home address is J. Thompson 75 Liddy Dr. Brighton, Mi. 48114


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