1970 GMC C2500 Wideside – SOLD FOR $22,000!

Apr 2021 | Sold Cars

April 14, 2021 Update – We’re pleased to report this GMC 3/4 Ton sold to a very happy new owner for $22,000. While this one got away if you would like help locating something similar, contact Rudy directly at 877-468-6497 (877-GO-TO-GWR).

March 1, 2021 Update – This great truck did not sell at auction, however, it is still for sale on our “Rides Still Available” page.

If you’re going to restore a vintage pickup truck back to near factory original condition, you will do yourself a favor by starting with the most complete and least rust-free example possible.  That’s exactly what Mark, the current caretaker of this 1970 GMC C2500 3/4 Ton pickup, had in mind when he found this rust-free example in Oklahoma with less than 30,000 original miles eight years ago.  While it featured the upscale Custom trim and Factory air conditioning, and radio delete, this former camper hauler was missing only its original 350 cubic inch small block V8, and tailgate, and original wheels. Undaunted, Mark set out two years later on a six-year restoration project culminating in the 95% complete truck featured here for sale.

To help you make informed offers, here are pricing estimates for this GMC:

Classic.com, the search engine and analytics platform for the classic car market, currently indicates the average selling for second-generation GMC C/K trucks stands at $26,195 based on data from 223 similar listings over the past five years:

Second, the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool currently lists its #1 “Concours” appraisal at $37,500 and it’s #2 “Excellent” at $22,100.  Finally, The Collector Car Market Review Online Valuation Tool, currently lists its #1 “Excellent” appraisal at $29,843 and its #2 “Very Good” estimate at $17,394 after factoring in a five percent premium for being equipped with a 350 cubic inch small block V8 (note: this truck now has a replacement 350 crate motor) and another ten percent add for the presence of factory air conditioning.  The following table summarizes the condition estimates from these two reputable sources:

Here is the detailed Pre-Purchase Inspection (“PPI”) conducted on our behalf on Thursday, October 8th, 2020 by the local representation of LemonSquad.com:

After reviewing the extensive pictures provided,  we think you’ll agree you are potentially bidding on what is now a 50-year-old brand new truck. Start with these exterior pictures and note how unmolested the pickup bed is:

The interior pictures are just as impressive.  Two items worth noting.  First, the original wood grain applique needs to be replaced, however, the replacement parts needed to complete this will be included with the sale.  Second, a body shop that helped complete the paint work lost the original radio delete plate, so you will need to source that part:

Check out these pictures of the undercarriage.  This truck has had everything replaced or rebuilt underneath and is a weekend’s detailing away from being ready for Concours competition:

When Mark was unable to source the original 350 cubic inch small block the factory equipped his truck with, he did the next best thing by installing a genuine GM 350 crate motor.  While the factory air conditioning is complete, all it needs to be functional is a vacuum purge and refill combined with the install of the compressor drive belt to keep the truck’s cab cool:

While the truck comes currently equipped with aftermarket aluminum rims, the tires are brand new and could easily be swapped out on period-correct rims the truck was originally equipped with:

As mentioned elsewhere, the interior and A/C bits needed to finish this truck are included in the sale.  The only thing you still need to source is the radio delete plug and whether you want to keep the current wheels or source and replace them with replicas of what this C/K originally came equipped with:

Mark provides extensive pictures documenting the restoration process:

Here is Mark’s description of his truck:

My 1970 GMC Truck is from Oklahoma, I bought it with 32,601 original miles. That was 8 years ago, She now has 32,875 miles and a restoration. The original owner drove it and put around 29,000 miles then decided He wanted a cabin on His property by the lake. So He bought a giant slide-in camper for the truck, He then put it on cinder blocks on the frame. It sat there for over 28 years, as the story goes, He sold the original motor, tailgate, rims, and tires. He then sold the truck to the second owner, who put in a junkyard 350 cubic inch motor, tires, rims, and a bent-in-the-middle tailgate. Enter Me, I brought it home to Sloan, New York, and spent the next six years restoring it. First, all the sheet metal is original, except the new tailgate, there was no rust anywhere. Second, the paint is new and is factory original colors. Third, the interior is all new. It is a radio delete truck, the first paint shop lost the delete plate. The options are power steering, power brakes, automatic transmission, Air Conditioning, Custom package which gives the side trim, Chrome bumpers, roof trim, dual mirrors, the a/c gives the factory tinted glass. I added sound deadener to the floor and rear behind the new gas tank. Fourth, The entire Drive train is New or rebuilt. The engine is a 350 factory crate motor with 4 bolt mains, this is a long block, the trans is a Turbo 400, completely rebuilt with a new torque converter, the Rear differential is a Dana 60 with 3.54 gears, New axle seals, diff cover gasket and filled with AMSOIL Synthetic gear lube. Fifth, The steering gearbox is new, the pump is new, hoses are new, Radiator is the Original 4 core, hot tanked pressure checked and repainted, tags are still there .4 new shocks, New Master cylinder & booster, the brake system is all new including the fluid. I could go on but basically, everything is new or refurbished. Look at the pictures, it really is that nice.”

Hopefully, after reviewing all of the information provided, you’ll agree this is the perfect truck to buy now, work over the winter finishing the few outstanding items, and you’ll have this GMS ready to win a trophy at virtually any classic car show you enter it.  Good luck with the purchase!


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